My Life ATM

Warning: long post ahead full of random things about my life up ahead.


I learn of many interesting things when I eavesdrop. For example, a few days ago I learned that, apparently, I have one of the best three personalities in the class. You see – er, actually, it’s a long story but basically, a friend of mine was sitting next to my crush because someone stole her seat. They were behind me. So they had a conversation, consisting Top 3’s, rated on appearance and then on personality, and Hot or Not. It was actually quite amusing, so I had to force myself not to laugh each time something was mildly funny. Then my crush put me in his Top 3 rated with personalities, which I was actually really shocked about!

High school forces everyone to be more social. (It doesn’t seem to work for Rachel, though.) Therefore, I’ve always been myself around my crush, whom I sit next to in SOSE. I didn’t think my personality was interesting or appealing at all; I thought I was like a boring slice of bread next a big, fancy, colourful cake representing my class. But apparently not. Oh, and half the girls in my class including me were called ugly in the process, but I’m fine with that. I already knew it.

Well, even though I discovered my crush likes talking to me, I still feel like exploding with jealousy each time I miss an opportunity to talk with him and someone else takes it. Yes, I am like that.


I’ve known since February that I was the best in the class at French – apart from the girl who is ACTUALLY French and has hardly any reason to be in French Immersion – and I always knew I was intelligent. After all, I skipped a grade! I went into high school a year early, for crying out loud! And yet I still found – and do find – the work easy. However, I never expected to be nominated for the B****** Medal. (Those asterisks stand for my school name.)

To put it straight, you get nominated for the B******* medal if you’re really smart. But you only win it if you do lots of extra-curricular activity.

…which I don’t.

I thought it was a pretty slim chance of me winning anyway, as I was one of fifteen nominees in Grade 8. No matter, though – I have won the award for Best French Student! Out of all of Grade 8! That means I am the highest achiever in the subject of French. I am quite proud of that.


My friends suck.

Three truest words ever.

I’m only talking about my “best” friends though. All the other girls in the class, who are all my friends and I theirs, are freaking awesome. It’s just Rachel and Gabby who aren’t.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Rachel before. I probably complain a lot about her. And I have reason to. She really needs to grow up and see the world differently; she thinks that everything will go her way if she whines and yells and cries and throws tantrums (unfortunately, it does). And she embarrasses me, and stays completely silent whenever I talk to someone who isn’t Gabby, so she just kind of hangs awkwardly beside me. Like a leech. Yes, leech is the perfect word. Because she’s so… clingy! And her stories are so unentertaining and not funny, but I feel like I’m being incredibly rude whenever I don’t laugh, so I’m stuck fake-laughing and fake-smiling for the whole year.

And then there’s Gabby, who reads all the time. Actually, not all the time, but when she’s not reading, she hardly says a word.

I long to be a part of the giant lunch group composed of the rest of the girls in my class. The only people holding me back are my two “best” friends. Sadly, I remember what happened the last time I tried to ditch someone like Rachel. And Gabby… well, I don’t want to be mean to her by leaving her but she doesn’t like large groups. She finds pleasure in stalking the shy guy of the class. It’s not pretty.


Am I a horrible person?


I’m going to France.




I got over my fears of there being pedophiles in the French family, and I signed up to go and I’m sure to be accepted because I got the French award!! We go to the airport first, of course, and suffer a 24-hour trip to Alsace, France. Then we catch the bus to Strasbourg, go to school, get picked up by our billet’s family, and have a good time! In the trip, there’s also an excursion to Paris and to a German theme park.

It’s going to be so much fun!

I want to buy a journal or something and write in it every day, so that I can post my experiences either here or on my personal blog.


I’m leaving my current school in one year and the rest of this year. So, in Year 10, I will be going to an academy of science! I opposed the decision at first, but my parents bribed me, promising $50 a week. And also, they said the work will be more challenging and I will escape Rachel and I won’t have to be around dumb people anymore. This academy is apparently very prestigious and has a high standard. I sure hope so. That means there’ll be lots of Asians like me to befriend.

Yet I don’t even know the name of this school. :/


Things To Do In Year 9:

  • Ditch Rachel
  • Let Gabby stay with Rachel
  • Be better friends with the people you’re already friends with
  • Begin actually revising what you’ve learned
  • Create good study habits in preparation for science school
  • Get out more
  • Learn more piano songs by Satie
  • Do well in Art (or Music or even Food Studies, depending what you get into)
  • Start thinking up careers
  • Be even more social than you’re becoming now


I do not mind at all if you didn’t read this post. I probably went overboard with my sorry gift (the gift is the amount of words). 1000+, wowee!

P.S. On an unrelated note, I can find theme songs for your stories! Just ask me. I’m really good at finding nice songs. Tell me what story you want for the theme song, and I’ll find either a soundtrack or classical music piece that will match the kind of tone of your story.


3 thoughts on “My Life ATM

  1. I read this and I was like, SPOOKY (the conversation you overheard). This girl in my swimming team is now known for a “Hotness scale” which we found on her phone last week. Don’t ask me why, but she had decided to rank us (the team) out of ten for looks.
    Well, I didn’t see the whole thing because she came back into the room then, and ever since we’ve all been joking about our places on the Scale.

    Anyway, wow. YOU GET TO GO TO FRANCE??? Awesome! I don’t really remember much of it, actually. I was about four and EXTREMELY bored. Good luck!

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