Halloweenish Thoughts!

Hey guys, BT here.

Well… decided to post here since I’ve neglected doing so a lot.

Now, I’ve already decided on my Halloween costume. I was having a hard time deciding on what to be. It was between a female Jack Skellington, a female Edward Scissorhands, and a certain red-haired freak of an oc. I thought that I was going to have to go crazy, until I found a Halloween costume of this:


When I saw that costume, I almost jumped out of my spot in the chair. Mom Tomato looked at me, and asked”Who’s that?” I responded, “American McGee’s Alice! She’s a video game character! It’s awesome looking, right?”

I decided to be her.

Also, I was able to get the video game Alice: Madness Returns. Now… that part may be a bit of a shocker to you.

If you know me well enough, you know that I hate horror movies. But- I hate the pop-out-at-you horror. I’m okay with horror-ish settings. I could tolerate carnival haunted houses if all the actors had the day off.

I’ve progressed quite a bit in the game, I’d say.

In other unrelated news, high school is pretty cool!

Favorite Parts of High School:

  • Freedom! There’s a good hangout spot near my school, and we’re allowed to go there after school! 😀
  • Extended time to get to class! Although two classes are opposite sides of the school. -_-
  • New people! I was able to make a couple of new friends already… wow.

Least Favorite Classes:

  • Gym.  I have gym first. Another way you can put “freshman fitness” is jogging/power-walking/walking laps around the track. -_-
  • Biology. This teacher’s pretty boring. Oh, and the pet iguana stares into my soul whenever I go up to sharpen my pencil.

In-Between Classes:

  • Math. My math teachers are alright, but one of them seems to have a little bit of a short temper. But they don’t assign too much homework…
  • English. Right now, English is alright, I guess. But I have the vague feeling that I’ll get bored in that class when the mythology unit ends.
  • Chorus. I originally wanted to be in a drama class, but I ended up in my second choice instead. Chorus is alright, but I’m going to do something different next year.

Favorite Classes:

  • History. My history teacher is AWESOME. ‘Nuff said.
  • Italian. I also really like my Italian teacher.

So… yeah. BT out!



3 thoughts on “Halloweenish Thoughts!

  1. Oh, that costume is awesome! I definitely have to start thinking about a costume for trick-or-treating… sadly, I’ll probably have to stay in to finalise my NaNoWriMo plans. I totally agree with you on the part about hating pop-out, sudden, monster-comes-up-in-your-face-and-scary-music-sounds-loudly kind of horror. Scary settings are fine, definitely.

    Yay, when did you start high school? It is definitely cool, isn’t it? Unfortunately, though, we aren’t allowed freedom outside of school. We aren’t allowed to leave the grounds at any time – however, the place is so big that I still get lost often and have to refer to my trusty school map to get back to class! At lunch, I usually sit just outside the French Immersion block, where pretty much all my classes are. My favourite thing about high school is the fact that it forces you to come out of your shell and be really outgoing. And then you discover that your friends suck, and you discover how cool the rest of your class is.

    I love HPE… or Gym, I guess it can be called. Because it doesn’t require much physical exertion – really, it’s just fun games played with the class. As for Biology… well, we just do Science, but we did a few months on Bio. Unfortunately, it was about reproduction. Not human reproduction, though.

    (Next year we’re doing human reproduction. Yeech!)

    Maths is horrible for my class and I! We have a short-tempered, loud, old French woman who rings a CATTLE BELL each time we talk. Do you know how loud those things are? I’ll probably be deaf by the end of the year. English used to be interesting until we got a new teacher who goes extremely slowly and doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing half the time. He said that “house” couldn’t be a verb, for goodness’ sake!

    Choir – well, I stopped choir when I went to high school. We do Drama now. It’s actually really fun because we’ve been split up in small groups for the rest of the year to “learn” different plays. I’m with two guys and a girl, all of whom are immensely entertaining and fun to talk to.

    History is what we’re doing in SOSE. It’s boring as heck. And it’s in French and there’s so much new vocabulary, so we don’t know what anything means half the time.

    And finally, I’m happy that you like Italian! Learning another language is great. EspeciallywhenyouwinanawardforbeingthebestspeakerofFrench. Cough cough.

    Well, that was certainly a long comment. The first poster in a long time deserves a long comment. =)

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