Collab Planning Post

This shall be the planning post! If you have ideas for plots, either edit this post or comment. Give as MANY ideas as you can and then, as a group, we can choose one out of all the ideas. With that idea, we will either: a) keep the idea the same, b) alter it slightly or c) merge the idea with one or more ideas. Now give ideas! Remember, one of your duties as a member is to contribute ideas when we plan.

Nicola’s ideas (most of which she doesn’t even like):

  • Secret kid spy society
  • Group of kids with abnormal powers
  • Boring high school drama
  • Mystery about disappearance of some random person in a small town – peeps investigate
  • Princess, locked up in the castle tower, decides to escape
  • Abused teenager finally opens up to a single person (would be angsty and sappy – yuck)
  • Genius science freak person enters a magic room (either with or without companions) and becomes trapped in a separate universe whose physics laws are completely different to ours and person tries to understand and survive
  • A girl/boy and her/his friends try to understand the mysteries and monsters hidden in the secret doors and narrow halls of their boarding school/orphanage, while trying to figure out what’s suspicious about that Lord _____ (insert name there), who’s trying to buy the orphanage/school, meaning all the orphans/students will be without homes/education (I like this idea a lot)
  • Circle of enemies swap bodies and find out what it’s really like to walk in their shoes
  • Girl/boy with amazing eidetic memory is kidnapped and forced to be part of a shadowy secret agency
  • Normal person goes on an excursion with the whole of their grade. They expected to have fun time on a three-week cruise, but instead got fed a meal of deep, dark trouble. Rumours of a kidnapper on board and bad weather throw the passengers into turmoil. Can the person and her/his friends stop a kidnapping with the help of a few energy bars and smarts? (one of my extremely old ideas which I also like)

8 thoughts on “Collab Planning Post

    1. Have you read the main collab rule post? :3

      We’ll decide together. I’ve devised a voting system which will be put in use after everyone has given ideas (including you – you must give ideas, too!).

      Q: Are we making our own characters?

      A: Well, the answer to this is in the main collab rule post. “We won’t worry about godmodding or anything like that because every character belongs to us as a group, not to separate individuals .”

      So, the answer depends on what your question means. If you mean, do we create characters and will they be owned by us as individuals? Then the answer is no, the characters will be owned by everyone in the group. If you mean, are we creating characters? Then the answer is of course! Every story has characters. And you may or may not be making these characters by yourself – any member is allowed to change things about the specific character or give suggestions.

      Sorry, my answer was unnecessarily complicated!

      1. Yes I have! I am gonna think up some ideas later!

        Oh, I understand. Like we may prefer one character over another. So it’s like we are all one person writing a story. My thoughts make no sense. Yes, I understand now. I thought it was like one of those submit your own character and yadayada.

  1. Wah, I’m pretty awful at ideas!!!

    I participated in a rotation story before it was really fun! I bet this one will be great.

    Is it possible to have, like, one personal OC and other supporting characters? Perhaps others can edit those, but with one main character I feel like there’s a lot of more individualism, plus with the previous rotation story mentioned we all had our own character, only people could manipulate them the way to wanted in the story, a bit like you’re suggesting — I just like the idea of having a unique twist to something! 8D

  2. Ohhh, I love all your ideas!! ^^

    I guess I have a few I can add!! I’m totally pulling these out of my ears, though, so they probably won’t make much sense ^^”

    –When the family curse on the nobility is re-awoken, the queen and king die in horrible, sudden ways, leaving the young heir to the throne alone and unprepared for the daunting task of managing a kingdom. Matters are made worse when the heir finds himself (Herself?) separated during a journey to a village in need of assistance. Along the way to finding his way back to his traveling party, he meets an assortment of characters and realizes that the trouble the village is in may be connected to his own misfortunes.

    –After finding a mysterious rod of glass wrapped in tinfoil in his/her grandmother’s attic, the protagonist begins to have strange thoughts and dreams–dreams that don’t seem to be his/hers. He/she connects the dreams to the strange artifact and unravels a great mystery behind his grandmother’s life, death, and his own family heritage.

    –Our protagonist is trapped in a distopian society–PLOT TWIST: (s)he’s ACTUALLY a bad guy, and it’s just told from his/her point of view so it makes the good guys seem like bad guys… etc.

    –Super heroes yeah!!

    That’s about it, I have to do my homework!! ^^”

    I like all of your ideas a lot, though!! ^^

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