Collaboration Story?

An idea came to me as I was reading The Greatest Show On Earth (an interesting book on evolution and natural selection – I recommend it). It mentioned some science book containing three names. And I thought: why shouldn’t we do a collab story?

That means YOU, WTRians!

I just thought it would be interesting. Nothing is set yet, but if you are interested in it, comment. We could have as many people as wanted to work on the collab story.

If you guys are interested and don’t mind, please allow me to be the leader, though I’ll leave most of the ideas up to you guys.

Quick notes:

  • We would have to plan the whole plot and create characters and specifically plan separate chapters etc. before beginning to write.
  • Each member of the collaboration would write whole chapters, rather than sections of every chapter. For example, if we had five people working on the story, Person 1 would write Chapter 1, 6, 11, etc. Person 2 would write Chapter 2, 7, 12, etc. Understand what I’m saying?
  • There will be probably be a minimum of 1000 words or something for each chapter. So long as everything that was meant to happen in that chapter does actually happen, it’s fine.
  • DO NOT use the excuse: “I’m a terrible writer so I probably shouldn’t join”. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re a terrible writer, because the whole purpose of this collab is to have fun.
  • If at least one person is interested, then I will make another post containing more notes so you can begin to understand the system a bit more (though I really want at least three others in the collab – the more the merrier).

Now click anywhere in that little white box below, that one used for commenting. And then type: “I would like to join!”




12 thoughts on “Collaboration Story?

    1. Do you have a WordPress account? I think it would be more convenient if you did, so that you could post your chapters on this blog.

  1. Wish i could join, but I’m too loaded already 😦 I’ll look forward to reading it though!

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