Pandora – Chapter One: The New Law

Hooray, I’ve finally gotten around to writing the second chapter – which is really the first chapter – er, if you get that.

“Pandora!” Freya – Pandora’s old, fat toad of a boss – called out from the kitchen. “GET IN HERE!”

Pandora Cygnus sighed and muttered a quick apology to her customer before screaming in reply, “IN A SECOND!”

Her customer giggled softly and Pandora closed her eyes for a very long time. Her boss annoyed her so much – she was like a pest that wouldn’t go away, a pest that could order her around and make her do things. When Pandora opened her eyes, that cheeky customer of hers was gone, and all she could see was the counter in front of her and the stone steps that led down to a rough, gravel pathway. A little boy on a bike, no doubt a messenger, sped past and ungraciously chucked a scroll at the door of the bakery.

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