How I think I will do RA’s adventures…

Basically, organization is one of my deepest downfalls. I am a messy, ditzy, super forgetful person.

So, hopefully a bulleted list will guide me through.

  • Prologue — hmmm…I was wondering if I should just start out the story with a super long prologue, or skip that and just start out with a couple chapters on her childhood.
  • Then, assuming the part where Aren pretty much burns the village down, RA goes off the Mir…yay, fun times.

Well, that wasn’t a very thorough list.

It’d be fun to incorporate other Beings!!! If you want yours in, all you have to do is ask and then explain how they should be portrayed.

I just ate an entire pot of mashed potatoes. I’m so gluttonous. And then I wonder why I’m gaining weight.

I’ve always had issues with my weight, and it doesn’t help that society tends to shame people of heavier builds. I managed to lose like 10 pounds last year, but that sort of came back via summer.

Thank you, summer. You were so kind to me.


3 thoughts on “How I think I will do RA’s adventures…

  1. Please incorporate my Being into your adventures! Panny can be doing absolutely anything, and I don’t mind what RA’s attitude towards her is.

    Gluttony is the sin everyone’s most willing to forgive.

    You’re right. All these perfect models in the media have infested and invaded our brains, like leeches…or brain parasites. I have a guy friend who is the sweetest, nicest, most interesting person I know, but he’s teased because of his weight.

  2. You can incorporate Camille in there somewhere if you want. She probably wouldn’t get along with RA.

    I’m not super skinny either, I have a little bit of fat on me. And Hey: At least you don’t have a big butt like I do. XD

  3. Bro, don’t you dare worry about your weight.

    And have at it with Raelynn and Cobalt 😀 Good luck with keeping the adventures going! RC and Cobalt can be incorporated in any way you like.

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