Pandora – Prologue

I’ve finally started my adventures. I’ll be giving it a very interesting and well thought-out title: Pandora. So interesting.

While the city of Mir slept, the Kinq and Queen sat in their bedroom, wide awake.

King William watched his wife, Queen Satine, quietly scan a scroll that a messenger from the people of Mir had presented her with. In the dark night, her weary face was illuminated by the faint glow of a candle, whose wax was melting and gathering in the candle bowl. The flicker of the flame cast dancing shadows on the wall but provided good light for the Queen, who had been reading messages all day long. There were faint wrinkles between her brows; a sure sign that the Queen had had too much stress in her life. After all, she was only around thirty years of age. Her beauty was still as dazzling and wonderful as it had been in the Queen’s youth, but now her eyes seemed tired and wise. They were the eyes of a hundred-year-old person, someone who had seen and done much more than most other people would ever dream of doing.

“Satine,” King William said softly, breaking the peaceful silence, “you must rest. The grand ball is tomorrow and you must look fresh-faced for the royalty of Reefs. You will be able to continue this task tomorrow, before the ball.”

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