School & Virginia

As said, this post has two parts. They’re both a little bland and annoying, but here we go!

School Updates

My schedule’s simple enough, it starts out with my three least favorite classes and gets a lot better gradually. Spanish, Math, Science, English, then History.


Yo soy muy mal en español. Son las diez en medianoche. Lucky i’m on mobile WordPress, because I have no idea how to type accents on a laptop keyboard. 8D

Anyway, it’s all right. I’m not bad at it but it’s a high school class so that automatically means more homework and awful tests.

JUST LET ME DIE. I’ve always been miserably horrible and this year is no different. Doubtful the teacher likes me because I never answer anything.

There’s not much to cover, other than the fact that it’s my lowest grade at the moment. Surprise, surprise.

They say first impressions always stay and that’s a big fat lie, children. I first thought my teacher to be really neat, but now I’m finding myself trying to keep from throwing lab equipment at him everyday.

It’s probably pretty apparent, because he obviously holds a high disdain for me as well. Yeah, well, the feeling’s mutual, buddy.

Oh, this class is oodles of fun! I really really love my English teacher, she’s so sweet.

We get to write a lot. I’m no author, but it’s still the highlight of my day. I’ve already written a lot of morbid stories.

In one, a woman attempts to poison her husband with a cake, but her son eats it.

It’s funny, because my teacher’s read all of these horrors, but she still told me I have a lot of empathy.

This has always been my best class and I’ve always enjoyed it just as much. I practically devour history books for fun.

My teacher’s another example of the whole first impression lie. I wasn’t too fond of her, but I’m really getting into her class.

I could go on and on, but I apologize for boring you.

Williamsburg & Jamestown

We get to go to Virginia! I travel like once every two years, so it’s an interesting opportunity.

As I mentioned, I’m a massive history nerd. I read things like that for fun. It’s funny, because in 3rd grade it was my biggest desire to go to Williamsburg. Back then my favorite historical period was the colonial era. Now I’m more into learning about indigenous peoples and the medieval period. I think my elementary self would be way more psyched about this then I am now.

Anyway! Me being the socially awkward kid won’t help. I’ll probably stick like glue to someone I’m familiar with (i.e, my friend who’s going as well) and she’ll get annoyed. And if I’m not in the same hotel room as her I’ll freak and end up begging to go home. I really hope everything works out.

I heard there’s going to be a science trip to the Appalachian mountains later. I feel like I’d be super excited for that, because I love the mountains, but most likely my science teacher will be heading it and we just don’t get along.

Oh, I’m rambling! I tend to do that a lot, don’t I?!

Well, that’s the lame life of Rainfall.

Until next time!


5 thoughts on “School & Virginia

  1. Math/History is so much fun. My teacher let us do a taco assembly line to show us how efficient the invention was.

    I feel your pain. If I had lab equipment, I’d gladly chuck it at my Science teacher.

    My English teacher enjoys my stories, too. Sometimes, She’ll write small notes on them. That plot seems interesting, by the way.

    Lucky, my school can’t have overnight trips. I hope you have fun.

  2. Tu parles espagnol très bien! Je pense que j’aime mieux l’espagnol que français, mais il n’y a pas de “Spanish Immersion”! Lol. Spanish just sounds a lot cooler than French (I don’t know how to say that in French).

    I hate maths too. D: My teacher is a fat, scary French boar who screams at every little thing we do wrong. I am really frightened of her – yesterday she looked like she wanted to slap the cheeky American in my class, Eamon. Science – well, the only time I wasn’t bored in Science was when we were learning about bilogy, ’cause I guess I’m pretty interested in that.

    I love English! It’s probably my second-best subject – behind French – but it’s my favourite because we always write a short story every Tuesday. My English teacher is the best; everybody loves her because she so funny and good-natured and forgiving.

    I don’t like History/S.O.S.E. all that much, but all we’ve learned about is Ancient Egypt and that wasn’t really interesting because I learned about it in primary school.

    I hope you have fun in Virginia! I have no idea where that is but anyway… XD I’m sure your friend won’t mind you wanting to stay with her – after all, you’re friends. A mountain trip sounds exciting, too.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  3. I hate maths too. I have an unpleasant teacher who shouts and says not-so-nice swords to us. I know a couple of people who got in trouble a few weeks back for skipping maths, due to a fear of the teacher and dying of boredom.

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