Laaaa laaaa! Laaaa laaa!

We’re gonna make you pop-u-lar!

Just kidding about that. I’m sorry for posting two days in a row about my probably annoying life, but I need to post it somewhere.

So, let’s see!

Today I had a conversation with my English teacher! Don’t worry, it wasn’t something like my conversations with a certain choir teacher. I actually want this teacher to not hate me. xD So today I’m grumbling in a high-pitched annoying voice to anyone who cares to listen: “I got dress coded because my pants were a fire hazard, for goodness sake!” And this awesome teacher tells me: “Yep, they do stuff like that. I highly doubt you were in danger of a fire though.” And I’m like “Yes! You get it!” and she laughs and just as she’s leaving, she’s like, “It’s Isabelle, right?” and I nod and say, “With two “L”s!”

I’m thinning maybe one teacher will like me this year. So I’ve decided to do all of my English homework. In math yesterday, my teacher asked where my homework was, and I just told her flat out, “I didn’t do it.” ‘Cause that works, right? xD But I’ll try to do my English homework.

So, today’s audition for the improv comedy went pretty okay, actually. We were playing this game where we get in groups and there’s a line and we take the personality of the person that comes in. Well, to fill up a whole theatre, you need to speak from your diaphragm. So I yelled “HEY GUYS I JUST HIT THE HAPPY JUICE! SO GET ON THE FREEWAY AND FLOOR IT!” Well, we all had fun taking my personality. xD And when my teacher came it, he was sitting really quietly, without doing anything. We sat in an awkward silence until I broke it in front of everyone by “farting”. I did a fart sound with my mouth and cracked the whole theatre up! My voice did crack a couple of times, but overall, there wasn’t anything too bad. I didn’t stop singing.

Let’s see, things coming up next week… Well, tomorrow I’ve it auditions for The Nutcracker, but I just realized I’d rather not be a snowflake in front of a serious audience. Besides, there’s no way I can get pointe shoes by tomorrow. So I guess I won’t go. Unless my dad randomly drives me to the audition and drops me off. I’m willing to try out with street shoes. Sunday, I’m doing NOTHING! Finally! Thank goodness! I’ve been so busy with stuff! Monday, I find out if I’ve made it into the Compulsive Liars and the Wicked thing. Wicked’s a lost cause. I forgot the words. But maybe the Compulsive Liars! On Tuesday, I’m just tech ing. My official title is “Assistant Onstage Props Master”. Fancy title. xD Basically, I’m doing the props/helping with the quick change/set changes. And they want to train me as the next Stage Manager, but I said no. I plan to be on stage next time. I’m only teching because these roles were precast. Besides, the techies get to be in the curtain call! Have any of you guys ever teched? Well, anyway, on Monday in tech, and Tuesday I have open house, a meeting at some political person’s house with my dearest darlingesr Monsieur and Popsicle, and on Wednesday I have choir rehearsal, and I’m teching, on Thursday I have Drama Club, and on Friday in free! As of right now. xD

My resume still looks horrendible. xD But I’ll do something about it someday.

I feel really good about this week. I was really productive and I went to auditions and did stuff. xD And I learned the midpoint formula! How’s your guys’s week been? I bet my dearest darlingest Popsicle is taking me to the Strip tomorrow! xD Not to like, strip, but like, to see the casinos and stuff. And I really like this one dress from Guess…

Yep! So that’s my life so far!

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