Don’t EVER See an Animated Movie With Me!!!!

A lesson my friend learned the hard way last night when we took her to see ParaNorman!! I had already seen it (And LOVED IT!!!) and done my research on the work that went into it.

I literally talked her ears off. I looked over once while we were watching the movie, and she had her ears covered. I think they must’ve fallen off, so she had to re-attach them.

Also, the soundtrack is awesome!!

Anyway, here’s the important part of this post:


I’m sorry for spacing out on you guys, and I’m sorry for taking so long to do your princess drawings, and I’m sorry for saying I’d do all this stuff that I never ended up doing!! I am the worst blogger/friend ever TT_TT

So here is my pledge: I pledge to do whatever I pledge to do from now on, and I mean it!!

And I’m TOTALLY going to finish your prince(sse)s. I actually did a few of them (I was productive? What!?), but I haven’t had much computer time this summer. First Ringling, then camping in Colorado, then participating in a slightly-less-murder-y version of the Real Life Hunger Games (A.K.A school backpacking trip), and THEN I broke my computer.

Anyway, I missed all of you a whole lot, and I’m going to make it up to you!! I PROMISE!!!

Also, it may be a bit early to ask this question, but who do you plan on being for Halloween?


7 thoughts on “Don’t EVER See an Animated Movie With Me!!!!

  1. When my friends and I go see a movie, we make commentary and steal eachother’s popcorn.

    It’s okay, You were busy. It’s good to have you back, though. 🙂

    I’d go as something that requires fun hair, since mine’s usually boring.

  2. Good to have you back Nireth! My summer consisted of bowling and a sailing camp!

    Your backpacking hunger games sounds lovely! The great outdoors 😀

    I hope to be a pirate for Halloween!

    1. Whoaaaa, that sounds like an awesome summer!! ^^

      It was super fun!! We went to this old graveyard in the mountains–some of the graves were so old, they were just slabs. It was really cool and spooky!

      Ohhh, that sounds like an awesome costume!! You’d make a wonderful pirate!! ^^

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