First day of school! How was is everyone? Eh, I am already spazzing over an oral history report and a test! Fudge school. Some people for their oral report got Michael Phelps and FREAKING OTHER FAMOUS PEOPLE. .-. AHH SPAZZ.

Anyways, the people in my class could be better. I love those fake popular oh-so much.

Can you check out my fanfiction?


OK. bye. sorry for being sooo short. I am going to post AGOBH on saturday buh byee.


One thought on “^.^

  1. Whoa, that sounds like an awesome project!! ^^ I hope you get someone cool for your report, and I know you’ll ace the test!

    Aww, I’m sorry about your class!! TT_TT But who knows, maybe with the in-depth history discussions and such, you’ll get to see a side of them you never knew!! ^^

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