Subject Selection

It’s that time of year when I choose the subjects that I will do next year – well, it’s my first time doing this anyway. It’s all very exciting! My class was eagerly reading (something some of the class never do) the booklet that contained information about all of the electives and the core subjects.

So, allow me to explain. We, Year Eights, are choosing the classes that we will attend next year in Year Nine. First, we have several core subjects (SOSE, English, Maths, Science, HPE/Sport) and there different types of core subjects. For example: instead of just Maths, you can choose from Mainstream Maths (maths for normal students), Access Maths (maths for disabled students) or Immersion Maths (maths in French – that’s me). Second, you have two electives (though one of the electives for all French Immersion students is already taken up by French, so really I only get one elective).

There are about twenty different electives to choose from – everything from Industrial Technology Manufacturing to Graphics to Food Studies to Volleyball! Everyone has three preferences – that means you mark your favourite elective with a number one, but if there isn’t enough space in the class sizes for you to go in, you do your number two choice. If that makes sense.

So… for my elective, my preferences are: 1, Art, 2, Music, 3, Food Studies.

Art – well, of course I was gonna choose art. I love art, and you should see some of the things the snior students do in Art class!

Music – it sounds interesting, from what I can tell from the booklet, and I play piano. The end.

Food Studies – is like cooking and stuff. I love to eat. The end again.

Tell me what you think of my preferences! I really hope I will fit into an Art class.


4 thoughts on “Subject Selection

  1. I have to do that towards the end of the year, too.

    There’s so many different versions of a class, aren’t there? So many to choose from…

    It looks like you have electives you’ll enjoy doing. I hope you have fun in them.

  2. Art, Music, and Food?

    That would be so boss if you had all of them. I would choose Music first, if it was choir. :3

  3. I’m so jealous; I wish I could take art classes at school; sounds like you’ll have a great year!

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