oh my gooooooooooooooooooood

So this morning I was going down to Spanish and it’s a little far away from every other class so my crush offered to walk down with me and I was like “UM IT’S OKAY YOU DON’T HAVE TO AKDJADKLFJADJFADK” and he’s like “Oh it’s okay I have time” and I’m thinking NO YOU DON’T GO AWAY AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

So of course I just had to take advantage of this situation, and you know what I said?



for two minutes we walked down an empty hallway and I just stared off into space trying not to like trip on thin air

Then I said “Um bye” and he’s like yeah bye and then he walked off wondering why I’m such a lame-o moron



  1. Just be confident. The next time you go to Spanish, ask him ‘Hey, Wanna walk to class together?’.

    And try a simple conversation. Talk about another class you share. Maybe he watches Doctor Who or has seen the Hunger Games or The Avengers.

    I’m sure he’ll like you.

    1. Well, we aren’t in any of the same classes — he was just casually offering to walk me to mine ^^;

      And honestly, I can’t initiate conversations — we’re friends, but even then he’s the one who always does. Once, my friends and I were hanging out in his backyard and I managed to make him storm off and I ended up bursting into tears ^^;

      But anyway, thanks all for the advice! (I won’t be able to take it because I am unable to socialize with human beings…but thank you!)

  2. My advice is probably the suckiest advice given, like, ever, but this message is always what I tell myself.

    Don’t fret. It was a simple thing you wish you could change, but in ten years or so it’s not going to matter, because you’ll have a husband and kids and you won’t have a crush on this boy.

    Now you have experienced the greatness that is Nicola’s advice-giving.

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