My class is obligated to participate in a charity event called the 40 Hour Famine, in which participants collect donations and give up something that is important to them for 40 hours. I’ve given up talking – I wouldn’t bear it if I gave up computer, or furniture, or food, or anything else really.

But I have a problem. On the weekend I’m going to my friend’s house to practice our scripts. How am I going to do that without a voice? HUH? My brain is conflicted – to talk or not to talk, that is the question.

Er, anyway… Why is no one posting? Look at me, writing about this boring stuff!

Oh, and if you missed the comment in the stickied post, Ana made a Battle of the Beings Wikia. You should add a page for your character if you haven’t already!

Why can’t there be more gingers in the world? Editing pictures to make the hair orange is seriously getting on my nerves.

If there were more gingers in the world, Rupert Grint would be happy.

Oh, and on a final note to end this useless post, I spent five hours trying to get a specific infobox on Wikia to work and fried half my brain cells just looking at the CSS. Do not try to interfere with the intricacies of the Wikia code. You. Will. Die.

-Frying Pan…dora