Princess Aire

IknowIknow. I have a new character, so I think you may want to know more about her. Thought her power is a surprise! 😀 Cause’ I am not ruining her backstory 😛

Name: Aire Mereana (no last name)

Mother: Queen Elandra, queen of the Kingdom of Esil

Father: King Cepheus, king of the Kingdom of Esil

Age: 15

Height: 5 foot 5 inches

Appearance: She is quite slim and petite. Her skin has gotten tan from spending her time outside. She has a heart shaped, sweet face with thin pink lips. Her eyes are a strange blue-green shade and her hair is whitish gray. She prefers to leave her hair down with a wreath or a cloth tied around her head (hipster.) or it is kept in a messy braid. Her appearance is not her priority.

Clothing Choice: Think medieval, kings and queens clothing. She prefers wearing flowy loose clothing like dresses and skirts with soft pastel colors and jewelry. Sundresses. She is often armed with her signature weapon, a dagger as if crafted from the depths of the ocean. Think this and this. Very innocent style like a girl picking flowers.

Weakness/Flaw: She is quite stubborn and doesn’t like to listen to anyone. She acts more on emotion than her head.

Powers/Skills: Sh, I cannot tell you her powers. She is skilled in hand to hand combat, running, swimming and singing.

Weapon: A dagger which seems to be crafted from the depth of the ocean. It is a royal blue in color and is loosely designed with sand dollars embedded in the surface. The silver sparkled and shines, to deliver the killing blow. And she wears golden hairclips which alternate as small blades.

Personality: Aire is a very likeable person by nature but finds it hard to show her personality to other people. She finds animals easier to befriend than humans. Leading her very shy. She is wide eyed and naive ready to explore anything. She loves adventuring off and disobeying her parents. Her hands are constantly moving from fighting to making wreaths out of flowers, her hands never seem to be moving. She is kind and sweet. Though, she is very stubborn and when put to a task will not stop til she has completed it. She has a very calm aura and doesn’t have a temper at all. She finds it hard to understand the human race and considers herself more an animal than a human. Leading her off to not be able to make friends even though she has a wonderful personality.



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