Since we’re kind of getting back into Battle of the Beings, and some are starting on new adventures, I feel like we should discuss it a bit more! Like, plotlines and everything.

The original one kind of fit into the whole blog thing. Beings left and the queen disappeared. But Pandora’s story features a kingdom where magic is forbidden, so I thought that that was interesting. I tried to add on to it in RA’s history, where there’s a civil war and a new royal line takes over. But I wanted to make a post to be able to identify everything with you guys so everything isn’t a jumbled mess of different subplots.

I can make a timeline later, but I think this is what’s going on:

The main, original plot of BotB was that after the queen left the beings became more agitated and began squabbling among themselves. Machine Lord and Raven Avelina particularly formed a rather nasty rivalry. After that, there were some sides taken and some individual powers formed.

Hence “Battle of the Beings”.

So here comes Pandora’s adventure plot — this is just my idea, and not the real canon (I suppose what really caused the magic ban can be up to you all!) — so maybe there’s a civil war and none of the beings prevail because many either simply lost, or didn’t want to be involved. Maybe a mortal takes over and begins his/her regime. Because the most powerful of the powerful (beings) either fled, were killed, or thrown in jail, there’s no one to stop them.

If you’ve seen The Legend of Korra, you know how Amon was able to rally the non-benders of Republic City. Basically, the same thing happens.

And then begins…a variety of new subplots.


  • Busting several beings out of prison
  • Assassinating the king and queen
  • Hiding various magic users

But I think we all have to make sure all of our subplots are coordinated. We can do simple things that are random and such in stories and oneshots and roleplays, but if we all have an idea we really want to turn into a subplot, we should present it to each other so we all know what’s going on and we’re on the same page. We can even include each other in our individual adventure stories.

The main point is to be organized. I got really confused the whole time period thing and how others got here and how the plot changed a lot. I think it would be a lot more helpful to be able to keep up with each other.

To summarize:

  • Main plot
  • Introduce magic ban plot
  • Introduce various subplots
  • Make sure everything is organized and everyone can catch up
  • Discuss other things in comments

I hope this makes sense! Please feel free to ask me to reiterate something.

Now, here comes the discussion in the comments.

What caused the ban on magic? What are other subplots that can be done? How can we introduce other characters? Etc, etc. Please let free anything you want to say.

Thank you for reading this entire lengthy post! 8D

(Also, the name of the royal family that rises to power! Sort of like how the Han Dynasty or Tudors had their names, you know? Or even like House Stark from Game of Thrones. I think most things involving the magic ban plot can be up to Pandora, though, as most credit goes to her.)


I (Panda) have an easy answer to the timeline problem. ^^

Q: How is the story set in 2012 if Mir is such a medieval-type city?
A: Maybe Mir is so cut off from the outside world that they haven’t advanced their technology and such as fast as the rest of the world has. There, a simple answer.


7 thoughts on “Plotlines

  1. My muse won’t leave me alone – I’m getting these ideas out of nowhere. Feel free to use or not to use them. ^^

    Question: Telekinesis is magic, right?


    What caused the ban on magic?

    I think that, perhaps, when the king and queen were throwing the Beings in prison, one of the Beings (could be anyone – or another Being could be created) had the ability to use magic. This Being was very powerful and had been trying to overpower the royals in some way (perhaps the Being attempted to assasinate them?), but not before he/she was caught and sentenced to life in prison. The king and queen then became very paranoid about magic, and aware of how powerless they were against it – once, Mir had been a place where anyone could practice magic in public, but not before the new law was passed. This law stated that all citizens of Mir who could do magic or had some sort of abnormal power had to hand themselves over to the king and queen and questioning (which, ultimately, would lead to life in prison, or some wackjob “coaxing” the power out of the Being if the royals really trusted the wackjob). So, of course, every Being has to be careful not to display their powers now.

    How can we introduce other characters?

    They can pop out of nowhere, really. Maybe some will be servants to the queen, struggling to keep their secret; some could be introduced in a bar; some characters could stumble across each other in the forests; someone could give out a kind of “magic call” to summon other magical Beings; some could meet while fighting the baddies. Any method of introduction could be used, really!

    More subplots?

    -Saving Mir from an evil power, blah blah blah
    -Escaping from prison/execution (i suppose that’s like busting yourself out)

    Things that happen in my adventures:

    I just thought I might add this in, just in case.

    -Pandora discovers what happened to her parents
    -Meets up with a few old Ignatians
    -Busts some peeps out of prison
    -SHE escapes from prison/execution
    -Escapes from the royal guards (with the horses that breathe blue fire) various times
    -Makes new friends, plots to take the royals down – only, without killing (though I don’t know how that could be done)
    -Travels to Reefs, Astewell and Fiern and such to find other Beings (she knows that there are other Beings, she just doesn’t know who or where they are)

    Extra important information?

    Pandora lives in: Mir (However, for a certain period of time in the adventures, she will be travelling.)

    Pandora’s occupation is: well, she changes jobs a lot. She hasn’t got a steady career. Mostly she works at tailoring shops or bakers (not blacksmiths, because I don’t how anything works there). So maybe in your adventures you could meet Pandora while she works!


    I think this is the thing that confuses us all the most.

    Q: How is the story set in 2012 if Mir is such a medieval-type city?
    A: Maybe Mir is so cut off from the outside world that they haven’t advanced their technology and such as fast as the rest of the world has. There, a simple answer.

    I think I should stop writing now. I look forward to seeing anyone else’s ideas!

    1. Thank you for your input! It definitely like a lot of ideas but I suppose one day we should all gather in chat or something — hopefully that will be easier. In the meantime, I guess commenting is okay.

      Anyway, I do think it is magic. When I say magic, I mostly mean anything supernatural. Also, as for the timeline thing, I sort of like to think of the beings world being kind of like Narnia. Not on earth or in the human dimension, even. An entirely different universe. Perhaps their only connection to earth is through portals that were opened by some big enchantment explosion.

      1. I never thought of it that way (about the timeline)! ^^

        As for gathering in chat, I’m afraid I will never be able to make it because of our time differences and my level if business. Sorry!

  2. What if the King and Queen were so scared of being overthrown that they threw all of the Magical Beings in a prison and banned magic from the Kingdom?

    Camille is from modern times, though. Maybe the citizens of Mir should be fascinated by what she’s wearing/possesses when she gets there? Or maybe they throw her in prison because she was accused of witchcraft. (She has powers, too.)

  3. Eargh. I am so confused Dx

    My new character orginates from another kingdom but then ventures into Mir. Please Rainfall, explain it to me. I AM LOST.

    I shall be starting up my new character Princess Aire sometime later. I just need to make a new card

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