Camille: More Detailed

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A more detailed profile for Camille. Includes things like Frindships, Style, and History. This is for the master post. Please add it.

Name: Camille Cameron

Mom: Nut, The goddess of the sky

Dad: Mark, the regular mortal

Birthday: Febuary 29th.

Age: 14 (I know she should be either 12 or 16, but I don’t want her to be that young/old)

Eye Color: Green

Hair Style: Wavy and kinda messy, Falls a little bit past her shoulders.

Hair Color: Black with some red highlights.

Other Stuff: Very few people know she’s part goddess. Camille can easily pass for an average teenage girl, and hardly gets recognized for who she actually is. She can read most hieroglyphs and has a pet cat named Cookeh. She used to hate her mom for leaving, until she realized Nut left to prevent her from being eaten by a large variety of monsters. Camille is a little bit of a spaz.

Weaknesses/Flaws: She can’t read hieroglyphics or control her powers very well, is very stubborn, rarely gets along with people, and is a Lazy procrastinator.

Powers/Skills: She can summon lightning, rain , hail, thunder. Basically , anything that usually rains down from the sky. She is a good singer and actress.

Weapon: A spear designed to magically disguise itself into a cresent moon shaped hairclip.

Scars/Peircings/Markings: Camile has her ears pierced once, and a couple scars on her arm from a vicious fight with a Serpoptard- Okay, so she tripped while running away from it. Same thing…

Likes/Interests: Sleeping, Cookeh, music, mythology, dirty Rihanna songs

Dislikes: People, pointless arguments, Boy Bands, Chick Flicks, school, being woken up before 9 in the morning

Attitude around other characters: As long as you’re not annoying or a creep, Camille can tolerate you.

Friendships: Nireth, Cookeh, a few more people I can’t remember right now.

Style: Nothing girly/Lacy, Torn Jeans, Tank Tops, guy’s shoes.

Brief History:  Though she did live with a few Egyptian gods/goddesses and had the occasional Serpoptard, half serpent, half leopard, chase after her, Camille lived a practically normal life, she went to school, did things with her friends, and actually cared for Cookeh. One day, She and her cat discovered a portal when she was walking through the woods. Camille, being curious about what was on the other side, stepped through it, dragging Cookeh with her. Mir was on the other side.

Current Residence: Mir

Past Residence: Memphis, TN[USA]


2 thoughts on “Camille: More Detailed

    1. I couldn’t think of any other way for Camille to enter the world of Mir. So I was like, ‘Hey, let’s make it a Science Fiction type story’.

      I can’t type on the on my iPod. I don’t want to leave the TV right now, because I’m watching the Olympics…

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