So I got this idea…

From FoxFace! She updated her BoTB character, and I was wondering if we could do a master post, that would just be linked in the page, that states our character(s). I think many of us have changed/updated our characters a bit, and I want to see all the changes!

You can either comment or edit the post, whatever suits your fancy! Be sure to leave your name though!


Fiern | The Zone
Astewell | Poptropica
Mir | Where Thunder Roars (WTR)
Reefs | Poptropica Help Blog (PHB)
Authors’ Imaginations | The Lonely Forests


Name: Raelynn Casey (No longer Carter, the lawlz.) Goes by RC, which also stands for Rune Crafter

Eye color: Amber

Hair color/style: Dyed crimson, cut choppily (done by self) short, wears either a ribbon or a beanie depending on the situation. Likes to have little skinny braids as well.

Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Age and birthdate: October 31st, Age 17 going on 18. (Okay, I had to have one mary-sue ish theme. And having a birthday on Halloween? Not that she knew what that was where she lived before…)

Physical Appearance: Skinny and on the lanky side. Has many runes across her skin that have a faint white glow making her appear paler than she really is. She has one rune that is in blank ink (magic substance) around her left eye. Also has runes on finger and toenails.

Clothing choice: RC likes to wear what is comfortable, but if she has a choice, rocker or athletic stuff suits her. Such as leather jackets, band t-shirts, under armor, spandex, and running shorts. Likes to wear mellow colors, but you’ll occasionally see the bright green on her. Likes wearing Vans (shoes).

Personality: She’s very outrageous when it comes to her interests, or if people are being just plain stupid. She won’t be mean to someone who seems like a lost puppy, but if you’re smart and have a simple mistake, beware of her tongue! RC has a soft spot for her closer friends*, but if she doesn’t know you, she will quietly analyze you with many choice words. If sarcastic had a look, she would be it.

*I haven’t RP’d in so long, so I don’t exactly remember all her close friendships. I think Pandora was one, and Nireth. If your being looks like she’d get along with her, please tell me in your description!

Friendships: Cobalt, Pandora, Nireth.

Brief History: She was born in Reefs (Another city, along with Fiern and Mir). One day she ventured off in the woods, Cobalt (who was a warrior of 6 years old, 3 years older than RC) followed her. When he finally got her to come back, the town was in ruins. Something happened, and all Cobalt could think of was wiping RC’s memory and taking her to Earth. He did so, and RC grew up there. She had a plentiful bank account and a home off in New York, New York. She knew someone was taking care of her. Cobalt was just a husky puppy when he came to Earth. RC grew up going to school, and every once in a while a strange book or pen would be at her doorstep. Thus how she learned of runes, and her past life. She was a rune crafter. She never fully understood the rune warrior concept, but soon found out after getting out of the shower and finding a semi-naked 20 year old in her room. Cobalt explained everything, after getting hit in the head with many books and CD’s, and they have been close friends (If not more!) since.

This would be where she would somehow get back to Mir, or find many of you Mir-lings in New York and explain things to you that you wouldn’t understand.

Weaknesses: Not very muscular, takes a long time to trust others, cannot be healed by magic unless its by a Rune Crafter or Warrior.

Strengths: Very fast, knows many helpful and chaotic runes, works well in dire situations.

Powers: Ability to craft runes onto people, objects, or into the air with either her finger, or a special pen/wand. She can also use a basic writing utensil if it has been enchanted.

Interests/likes: Cobalt (trolololol), alternative music, the color red.

Dislikes: Bossy people, music with no meaning, the color of those green olives, green olives.

Weapon(s): Whatever she can find. Loves to steal Cobalt’s swords though.


I suppose I should add Cobalt.

Name: Cobalt Shade

Eye color: Cobalt (hence the name)

Hair Color/style: Ink blank, semi-dyed its a really dark brown to start with, the style is much similar to Mako from Legend of Korra (Hey, that’s the best reference I can give you without a picture of my friend!)

Height: 6 foot 4 inches

Age and Birthday: July 22nd, Age 20

Physical Appearance: Lean, and muscular. Lots of runes on his arms, one blank ink rune on his neck. Tan, and his runes don’t glow as much as a crafters do unless they are in use.

Clothing Choice: Cobalt is a sucker for soft jackets, he’ll have a nice hoodie, but it has to be soft inside. He likes wearing shorts when training, but jeans when its cold. If he could, he would wear shorts all year.

Personality: Very protective of his friends, especially RC. Analyzes everyone, with less sarcasm than RC. Very talkative when you start off with battle tactics.

Friendships: RC, Pandora, Nireth.

Brief History: See RC’s history.

Weaknesses: Weak stomach, runs fairly slow, can only be healed by a rune crafter or warrior.

Strengths: Can jump super high, very strong, has extremely good eyesight.

Powers: Can turn into a husky and also grab his swords from almost anywhere (they’re in a separate dimension…)

Interests: RC (trolololol), plain food, guitars.

Dislikes: Sour food, the color pink, bruises.

Weapons: A runed sword.


Panda is feeling shameful because she has killed the old Pandora and replaced her with Version 2.0.

Basic Info

Name: Pandora Cygnus (yay constellations)
Birthday: December 21, 1995
Age: 16
Place of Birth: The Lonely Forests, nestled somewhere between Fiern and Mir

Physical Appearance

Eye Color: light blue
Skin Color: slightly pale
Hair Color: red (also known as ginger)
Hair Style: messy and unkept, but somehow still looks alright; wavy; goes halfway down her back but it’s usually in a bun anyway
Height: erm … tall


In a Nutshell: very mischievous, likes to work alone but can be friendly (after scrutinising the person/people she encounters), suspicious and very careful (kind of like Mad-Eye Moody), independent, confident, humble
Flaws: Pandora takes her time to scrutinise any people she comes across before being friendly, and sometimes Pandora judges wrongly; she’s a judger; she finds it hard to work in a group because she believes she can do anything on her own; very, very, very stubborn
Good Traits: she’s very playful once you pass her judging test and likes a good laugh; she is humble, confident and hardly ever loses her nerve; she is very protective of the people she loves; loyal; smart and thinks things through before doing them, hardly ever acts on impulse

Other Information

Habits: making people uncomfortable, smirking, making jokes, eating cheese
Fears: losing loved ones, fires that aren’t orange (it’s just so unnatural!), death, tight spaces/claustrophobia, going insane from being trapped in a room
Weakness: tickling – god, she hates tickling, especially on her left knee, lucky no one knows; multitasking when one of those tasks is fighting
Strengths: good aim, pretty fit, likes stealth rather than full-on combat
Powers: telekinesis
Weapons: bow and arrows, trusty pocket dagger
Likes: cheese, owls, her friends
Dislikes: tickling, multi-tasking with fighting, full-on combat, ballet, opera
Friends: Cobalt, RC, Nireth


Pandora grew up in The Lonely Forests with a group of other orphans with powers, called Ignatia. (She has yet to discover why the hell the group was called Ignatia, and who and where parents are, and why they abandoned her.) She loved them all like family, but when the bad men with black horses breathing blue fire (remember her fear of weird-colored flames?) came, they had to scatter.

Many Ignatia kids went to Fiern, some to cities in the neighbouring Mount Cyan, the others including Pandora to Mir. But the rest were captured by the bad men and none of the Ignatians know why. All were separated and had no means of finding each other.

Pandora was ten then. During her time as an Ignatian, she learned archery, and so the first thing she bought when navigating the busy streets of Mir was a bow. She made her way through life on her own then, working at tailoring shops or for blacksmiths to get money.

There’s a catch. Pandora cannot let anyone see her powers – because the king and queen aren’t happy with people who can overpower them. Pandora is one of them. If her secret were to get out, the king and queen’s guards would come after her.

Hmm, that’s all! I feel like writing an adventure now.


Name: Raven Avelina (Rae-ven Ah-vuh-leena). She’s been known to be called “Rae” before, but at annoys her to no end.

Eye color: Dark blue with a silver twinkle

Hair color/style: Long, thick, wavy, and down to her midback. Black with blue tones. Bangs down to her upper nose, a bit swept to the side. Often down, but when needing it out of her way it’s stuck into a fishtail braid.

Height: 5 foot 4 inches

Age and birthdate: She looks 17, but what’s her real age? :O December 22nd (I still don’t really know the time period for this thing ^^; I kinds rp it off as sort of old-agey and medieval, but I’m not sure!!)

Physical Appearance: A bit short, average build, pale complexion. Slightly pointed features (chin, nose, eyes, etc) which give the impression that she’s up to something when coldly smiling. She looks a bit like an elf. Smokey eyes and blood red lips.  Dark circles under eyes due to stress and lack of sleep.

Clothing choice: Well, think her time period clothes — long dresses and breeches and all. Cut the skirt to her knees, made it less constricting, make sure you can fight and ride a horse with it, maybe some fingerless gloves or arm warmers, and voila! Her style is also a bit steampunk-y, like the following examples: here here and here (but usually not that extravagant). She constantly has a belt with various things, like her knives and quiver and a pouch of food or trinkets. Her bow rarely leaves her and is a rich brown with a twisting vine design. Of course, we can’t forget her signature hooded cloak, which is a deep green yet a bit tattered and hole-ridden. If you looked at her, your first impression would most likely be hunter or a kooky seer (she’s neither, but often her aliases say so.)

Personality: Raven Avelina can come off as cold, distant, and extremely unlikeable. RA has extreme trust issues. She never seems to be impressed and rarely ever tells people her true thoughts. She seems to haven entire fortress built around her feelings, but don’t let that fool you, because she’ll definitely snap at you if you start acting too stupid for her taste. She’s extremely fond of knowledge and learning and everything behind wisdom. She has a vast amount of intelligence and values it more than anything in the world. Her mind is always at work, balancing between logic and theories and even a bit of imagination. Though she hardly gets truly angry, she can still easily hurt others with her insensitive nature. She’s constantly admired but often not very liked. Behind a hard exterior, there’s a grieving, real human being. When others are in need, she’s ready to help and assist. Even deeper inside her heart, there’s a best friend. There’s almost not a single person who’s ever gotten close enough to see it. When you get to know her, she can be very goofy and fun to be around. She’s loyal and patient through and through.

BONUS — because her birthday falls into Capricorn, she’s a pretty accurate Capricorn. It define her personality just a bit more. example a example b example c example d

and then just a teeny bit of Sagittarius for when she opens up to people — not everything. example e

Friendships: Long ago, maybe she would’ve formed them — that time is quite gone.

Brief History: Raven Avelina was born as Avelina in a small village called Astewell on the outskirts of Reefs to a scholar father and mysterious mother that disappeared. Her father, rarely being around, never got to know her well enough. The then Avelina shrugged this off and merely pursued what she wanted to. Though the others hissed at her and deemed her irresponsible because of her gender, she still managed to make her way through entire libraries and gain vast amounts of knowledge on various topics. She constantly stole away to the forest behind her house and practiced archery and one of her frightening secrets — magic. Unaware of how she possessed this skill, she managed to finally confront her father, who only became angry and attempted to dissuade her mind from the topic. She managed to become best friends with Phoenix, a redheaded mysterious girl, and Aren, a handsome boy who also practiced magic. Unfortunately, Avelina didn’t realize it was dark magic, and they bonded over it. Years later he betrayed her by destroying the village and then nearly murdering her. When she didn’t die (thanks to the spirit Kalyypso) Aren instead framed her for the destruction of her hometown, causing Avelina to take on the alias Raven Avelina and fleeing to Mir.

In Mir, RA managed to quietly make a life for herself as an apprentice to the kingdom’s archivist. There, she learned many frightening secrets about their kingdom, such as the persecution of magic. Afterward, when a slight civil war broke out and many high ranking officials disappeared, RA once again moved, this time to a slightly smaller city called Fiern. When word came out that the queen disappeared as well, RA decided it was time to to move back to Mir.

The rest is history.

Weaknesses: A bit physically weak, takes a long time before taking action, doesn’t cooperate well with others

Strengths: Strategy, good aim & agility, quiet

Powers: She’s a sorceress, so various forms of magic! Basically, if a wizard from Harry Potter can do it, RA can too. Nothing super big, like bringing back people from the dead, destroying a whole city, stopping an asteroid, etc. She also can’t cause instantaneous death. (no Avada Kedavra!)

Interests/likes: The outdoors, the forest, snowy days, rain, a hot bowl of soup, archery, knowledge, reading, astronomy, wildlife (she’d much rather be around animals over humans), the smell of parchment, outsmarting people, a moonlit walk, open spaces to run around and prance in, blue

Dislikes: Dimwitted people, people who never stop talking, probably people in general (unless they’re definitely her type, but RA’s picky), intense heat, small spaces, loud noises, being beaten at anything, having to cook, bragging (actions speak louder than words after all), dishonesty, foolishness, the idea of fate and destiny,  creationism, superstition (but she’s a hypocrite since she has a lucky ring.), nosiness, idealists, people who take advantage of power, things that could fill a whole book since she’s so disdainful.

Weapon(s): Bow, two hunting knives (she honestly isn’t too fond of close combat with them, though, they’re mainly just there for self defense.)

I took the Litmus test and she’s okay, but I hope her personality balances out the Sue-ish qualities :0)


😀 Next characters!


15 thoughts on “So I got this idea…

  1. Since Pandora was born in 1993, shouldn’t she be 18? Or is the RP not set in 2012?

    And I can’t post Camille’s profile, because pasting things into a post doesn’t work on my iPod anymore.

  2. I don’t want to miss out on any character details soo when this page is done I’m going to read it…. o.o
    Also; anyone remember that time I tried to make a Wiki for BoTB? <- Not even sure why I made a Wikia.

    Also, not too long ago I was able to contact ML on Kongregate. Next time we talk, I'll ask him to come back here for a little while or something I guess… o.o
    Um, also..would it be ok for me to write about Tridah?
    (wow I'm saying also a lot xD)

    1. I didn’t know you made a Wikia! Well, I haven’t RPed in about a year…

      And I’m okay with it.

      Edit: I’m creating an account so I can contribute to the Wikia. Maybe I can start putting up character profiles or something.
      I’m SilverCoyote. Like my old screenname.

          1. Okay!!! The cool thing about Wikias is that you can make character pages and add photos and like…Make pages about anything; and add categories.. (categories are kinda like tags, like for a character you could tag “Main character” or “side character” or something I guess? I heven’t put categories yet though..)I haven’t actually done much there, actually, because I’m so lazy….. It’s really up to you guys if you wanna fix it up or not. Ohh and a really good thing about wikias is that there’s a chat feature I added!! The chat stores all the messages since you entered chat, so you can copy everything to a text file or something, and save the whole adventure as opposed to screenie-ing a bunch of things from the xat RP chat.. As I said, it’s up to you guys to decide if you wanna fix up the wikia or not; I can’t really do it alone because that wouldn’t really work.. ^^” (because I tend to only write about my characters, and feel a bit awkward writing about other peoples’ characters, afraid I’d get something wrong, ect- plus I haven’t written EVERYTHINGGG about my characters…. :L I don’t even think I made pages for all of them CAUSE DANG I HAD A LOT!!!! O.O)

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