Life Updates!

Hello, all! I realise I haven’t been posting much about what’s happening in real life. So, I have devised this post, which you may or may not want to read. I have divided this post into several “sections” of life.


All is well. I received my report card a few weeks ago, and, to my utter amazement,I got an A on everything except the effort in the Arts and the achievement in Sport (I got B’s for those). I am extremely proud of myself for this! High school is a much more difficult place than primary school, as I have probably told you many times, but if you take the initiative you may be able to satisfy your demanding, Asian mother! Also, Dad says I should start thinking about a career path even though I’m only eleven. I love art, but art jobs aren’t usually well paid; I like to write, so I was thinking that I could be a magazine journalist or something, or an author if, a) I actually finish a book, and b) it gives enough money; I like to read, but only specific types of books, so maybe being an editor isn’t for me; I am interested in science, but I have no idea what branch of science I would study if I chose a science career.


Dad has started a new fitness routine for me, because I am a lazy bum. He began taking me on five kilometer runs a month ago, every three days, though at first I only ran two kilometers before slowing down to a stroll, gasping for air. My second-last run, I ran three kilometers, but on the run I had this evening Dad gave me extra motivation. He said he would give me ten bucks if I ran the whole five km, so I did it. Even though it killed me and I just sat down when I was in the shower later, I did it. I am also very proud of myself for that, and I’m ten dollars richer!


Rachel is being the usual, juvenile, unfair, cat-loving girl who really needs to grow up that she is. No improvements have been made. She has been awfully talkative, though, making jokes and stories that aren’t a touch funny but she bursts out laughing at them. I also feel like Gabby and Rachel are slowly ditching me, which I got all angry about while I sat on the bus (it is a good time to . . . think), though I honestly wouldn’t mind if it was just RACHEL, not Rachel AND Gabby. Gabby is a funny, fun, nice girl. I like her. I don’t like Rachel. Boo Rachel.

Er, anyways. Caitlin found my personal blog when she tried to stalk Charlie Britzman, my classmate/an actor. Now she knows my deepest secrets . . . or at least, she knows I despise Rachel. She has, however, consented to keep the secret. We have become good friends.

Hmm, this paragraph here may not interest you all, but interests me greatly. I discovered I am a gossip magnet; honestly, I pick up things that other people don’t hear. Or at least, I eavesdrop whil I pretend to do my work, but still. While eavesdropping, I have discovered that Alex and Ashley may be going out, Sheridan hates Maths (okay, so that’s not really a surprise), and Thomas tried to . . . (LOOK AWAY LITTLE KIDDIES) masturbate. Blech. According to Hayden, the person he was discussing it with, “nothing came out” because he was prepubescent.



I have been trying to learn “A Window to the Past”, from the HP soundtrack, on piano, and I’m going quite well. I’ve had to buy the intermediate version instead of advanced bbecause I’m a horribly slow player and do not like complex songs. I also watched The Dark Knight and Brave on the weekend (finally)! Both movies were great, but I shan’t go into them too much in case of giving spoilers. I just have to say: the Wisps creep me out, and I was trembling with fear when the boy in The Dark Knight is calmly singing the national anthem and Gotham city is freaking collapsing! (I hate when they put on calm or childish music, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and show murder/disaster scenes. It scares me greatly.)

FanFiction is going well, and I hope to continue the next chapter of Wings soon! I read a short story about a girl who was sexually abuse and it made me cry for, like, two hours. I flooded my room and intended to turn it into an ice rink. I am inspired to write my own story concerning abuse and other such issues, but I think my tears would damage the computer.


Boring life section! In SOSE, we are learning about Egypt. In Science, we are learning about reproduction (totally not awkward at all . . . and apparently we will go into depth with human reproduction next year . . . *shudder*). No other specific lessons.

Well, I have to go now! Ta-ta!


One thought on “Life Updates!

  1. Wow, Already? You could draw comics. It involves writing/drawing, and a lot of people like comics, so it would pay well.

    Money Motivates everyone. Mom’ll pay me if I give Cookeh a bath. Sure, I have scratches all up my arms, but I’m ten bucks richer.

    I learned a lot about my class during Study Hall. I also learned that books hurt when they’re thrown at you. Especially the Dictionary.

    It’s on I’ll have to find it. I can’t post stories right now, because my computer is almost out of memory and I can’t save documents.

    It’s even more disturbing when you have my Science teacher. *Shudder*

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