People Need to Stop Getting on my CASE!


I’m fat.

Deal with it.

But seriously, the ways my family goes around to tell me. Ugh, whatever, just because they never eat doesn’t mean that other humans shouldn’t eat! I like sunflower seeds. And cookies. And a bunch of other things with sugar. Which is probably why I’m fat. But they need to stop telling me that I’m fat and go eat something.


I was fat, I am fat, and I’ll be fat forever. That’s simply the truth and it’s going to be that way for forever.

I’m done ranting now. xD

WAIT. Someone just called me “fattie” so instead of wisely smacking that person, I’m angrily taking it out on this poor blog. I’m sorry, little bloggie. I don’t mean to be abusing you with my rants on how fat I am, but smacking someone would be sort of problematic. I think I’ll go read Wicked fanfiction now. ‘CAUSE WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?

Oh, sweet Oz, when did I turn so dramatic?


7 thoughts on “People Need to Stop Getting on my CASE!

  1. My case is the exact opposite. My grandma thinks I’m anorexic for some reason. (I’m not, just sayin’)

    It’s hard to name people my age that don’t enjoy sugary/greasy foods.

        1. You know, I know a kid who made fun of how USA is 60% obese. And then, he said I’m one. Want me to tear off his ears?

  2. Please don’t put yourself down like that! You are very, very, beautiful the way you are. You are gorgeous and amazing and great in every way!

    Never let ANYONE tell you otherwise. People who spend their time judging others by their appearance are petty. Don’t let their words ever affect you.

  3. OMT! I do NOT think you are fat!! T^T
    And anyway, what’s the problem with eating? My mom eats food, like… every ten minutes. When she’s awake. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH EATING SOME FOOD, NORMAL PEOPLE GET HUNGRY;OK!!! D:

  4. Don’t worry,a persons’ size does NOT make them bad,it it mainly their personality.People make fun of me because I am tall (5’8) and of course I am SO not letting them get away with it,I stand up for myself.If they make fun of me,I beat them up to show them the real me.
    Never,and I mean never judge a book by it’s cover!I’m basically a 12 year old loud boy,once,some doofus told me I am a nerd (I don’t wear glasses) so I shoved him in a nearby trench.They’ll also make fun of me because I am the only left hander in class,one of them told me that and I shoved HER face down a sewer,this is A TRUE STORY!

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