Wings – Random Story Idea, Again!

“They are coming.”

Who knew crushes could be so dangerous?

James finds himself instantly crushing on the British new girl, Cassiopeia Cygnus. She’s beautiful, talented, feisty, and not afraid to say what’s on her mind – how would she ever notice a dork like James? James cannot believe his luck when he and Cassiopeia are paired in a project that will certainly give them a lot of time to know each other. Things proceed well, until James finally reveals his feelings for Cassiopeia.

From that point on, he’s not safe.

Cassiopeia reveals her deadliest and darkest secret, one that puts anyone who knows it in immediate danger. James is introduced to a world of magic and murder, and there’s no turning back.

He has so many questions, but his main one is: who are the people after them?

Only their undying love for each other can save them now. Join James and Cassiopeia on their magnificent but dark journey. Along the way they’ll encounter dragons, crazy psychotic killers and plenty of gloves, while James learns a few things about his history.

You’ll find plenty of action and romance in this shadowy tale about love and the things it makes people do, death, magic and discovering your wings.


5 thoughts on “Wings – Random Story Idea, Again!

  1. It sounds cool!

    May I make a suggestion? Instead of Cassiopeia Cygnus as the name, maybe something more ordinary for her first or last name? I don’t know how to explain it but I think it would sound cooler…

    IGNORE ME if you wish 😀 I love the idea!

  2. Awesome! Sounds like an interesting idea! Cassiopeai! OMG QUEEN OF ETHIOPIA AND MOTHER OF ANDROMEDA! Sorry, constellation myth obsession….Ooh, dark secrets (:

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