I haz returned from my trip! 😀 It was fabulous and great to meet my family!

I went to London, on a safarai and a beautiful beach! It is bittersweet to be home though.. But I had camp today but it made it better! so I am happy to return to commenting!

I also have a new story-sign up idea! Post it later.

OK, that was for you RCG. Buh bye! I also so the Sherlock Holmes movie, ROBERT DOWNEY JR ;D


7 thoughts on “Ello,

  1. LONDON?



    *pitches self off cliff*


    *continues to flail*

    *lands in volcano*


    OMR THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!! That is uber cool! Okay, way too much of an overreaction! It’s really great to have you back!


    (rdj adkjlaffjladsjfa)

  2. ROBERT DOWNEY JR ❤ been obsessing over him since the beginning of summer; I saw A Game of Shadows at the theatre and immediately went home to watch the first Sherlock, and then The Avengers for the first time. The next day I watched both of the Iron mans for the first time xD

    2013 will be lovely: Sherlock Holmes 3 and Iron Man 3 :))))

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