Lots of weird things!!!

My roommate and I were headed to dinner from our dorm, and it was raining outside, so we were in a bit of a hurry (I hadn’t brought my raincoat). When, out of nowhere, this little voice appears.

It sounded like it was saying, “Hi,” but it had this weird creepy sound to it. Like, it sounded like a cat, but it was saying, “Hi”!!! And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a cat!

We looked around, but no one was there!!

Again, we were in a hurry, so we didn’t look long, but it freaked us out so we sprinted all the way to the commons!!!

And then I was waiting in the Animation Lab and this elevator that has a reputation for acting up just stopped on its own on our floor. No one pushed the button, and there was no one inside. And it was out of order, so no one could get in, anyway!!!

It was so creepy, but really exciting!!! (I freaked out and ran out of the building–via stairs, of course!! Hehe ^^”)

So we believe the campus is haunted, wooOOOoooOOO!!!

6 thoughts on “Lots of weird things!!!

  1. That sounds scary! It’s good that you were with a friend. If I were alone and that happened I’d be freaking out.

  2. Whoa, creepy. I had something similar happen to me during the first few days of summer. I was just watching YouTube and the lights started flickering on and off. And I was alone. O_O

  3. That’s sounds…fun, actually:) maybe the “Hi” was just the squeak of your shoe against wet floor or something, and the elevator just decided to break to freak you out xD

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