I feel like drawing princesses!


So anyway would it be creepy if I drew you guys? And by “you guys” I mean anyone who comments.

You can comment whenever you want, as many times as you want! ESPECIALLY if you don’t like the design. I seriously mean this next bit.

Like, I’m not kidding at all:

Make me draw it again and again until I get it right!!!

I want to give you guys your perfect princesses! ^^

And maybe princes?

So anyway, if you want to be drawn as a princess, please just leave a comment! If you’d like, leave color/design preferences (for hair, dress, etc.), but if you just want me to go berserk with it, you don’t have to specify anything!

I can’t promise these drawings will be any good, but I NEED STUFF TO DRAW!!!

Also I miss you guys!! TT_TT I’m sorry I can’t be on more, but I’m always either working on Animation stuff or running around being Rapunzel! 8D

16 thoughts on “I FEEL

  1. Ooh I hope this won’t be to much for you (I’ll just set up the profile like a character)!

    Name: Jay

    Body Appearance: Tall and athletic, definitely a runners build

    Hair style/color: Down to the shoulders golden brown curly hair. Not as bushy as Merida’s though!

    Eyes: Grey

    Dress color/Style: Any style is fine, and the color… Hmmm a green? Or multiple shades! Maybe corset style on top?

    And maybe a prince!

    Name: Alex

    Body Appearance: Runners build, but a bit thicker then Jay

    Hair style/color: If you google Mako from Legend of Korra, it’s like that with the gelled spike! But a lighter brown!

    Eyes: Blue

    Suit: Go crazy! ^^

    Thank you so much Nireth!

  2. Fun! Here’s mine:
    long ringlets + bangs, futuristic, tall and slim, kind of like a spider (which is probably a strange comparison) and… just go berserk with the rest of it!

  3. I have a group of princesses: Mara, Marissa,Marlene, Mariana, and Melissa. Tallest to shortest: Mariana, Marlene,Marissa,Mara, Melissa. Mariana: wavy long Blonde hair with pink streaks, skinny in a healthy way (like Merida) with a pink dress.Marlene: Red hair that is feathered, skinny in a healthy way, red dress. Marissa: Medium wavy blonde hair with sky blue streaks, sky blue dress, skinny in a healthy way. Mara: Long straight brown hair, dress like merida’s normal one, skinny in a healthy way. Mellissa: long wavy blonde hair in pigtails with light pink bows, dress like Rapunzel’s.

  4. Can i? Well if i can. Here’s just my wants. But you can go crazy with it though. And btw i like your drawings. I can only draw these, anime girls ( The outcomes look bad since i draw fast and don’t have time to think about what the appearance. MY classmates like it but meh. ) I am obsessed with French and Painting so i pretty much draw girls with berets XD. Ok. Coming to my Character, She’s a princess. She has Long Yellow Hair, I Guess White skin? He hair has curls like Taylor Swift. Her Eyes are green, Her Dress is kinda modern like and stuff. ( The Dress s pink. I guess.) Well. That Pretty much looks like rapunzel. I actually tried to draw her once, as a child. When she was looking up the sky when she was young? That scene. I Pretty much mastered the hair, and structure of body. But the eyes were just not in the mood. Her green eyes looked sad and stuff. Then i drew a french girl today with her beret on as usual. Sadly the beret came out to look like a rag rapped around her hair and her long hair actually not shown. She then became a poor guy in an instant hit. I guess you could say that it was a two birds with one stone. By the way thanks if you ae going to draw it. Thanks,

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