Heh, Well…

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

Sorry for the double post.

Anyway, July is a hectic, super busy, and that time when my family likes to get together.

Also, I have District Band Competition to practice and I am also being forced to read for several hours straight. This isn’t working out, because I have the attention span of a goldfish.

Meaning, I won’t be posting much during this time and I’m putting my story on hold.


1 has already been explained above,

And 2 is the plot. It confuses me greatly. Makes me think ‘What the heck was I doing here?’.  Random fluff, random stuff, awful character interpretation. The only thing that describes this is:



3 thoughts on “Heh, Well…

  1. Good luck in the Band Competition!

    Reading is fun when you’re reading a good book. 😀 <—- States the obvious.

  2. Whoaaa, band sounds fun! Good luck!

    And I know that busy feeling; I understand! ^^

    Also, I know your story is going to be fabulous!! But it’s always good to take some time to reason stuff out!

  3. Band competitions are really fun ^^
    Ergh, I love reading, but being forced to read something I don’t like makes my head hurt super bad. So does confusing plot planning!

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