Drawing humans

For me, people are one of the most fun yet worst figures to draw.

I especially hate anatomy, hands, feet, faces (eyes, nose, mouth), and pretty much everything. *flails*

I drew 5 minute sketches of each of my main OCs (I have too many OCs, so I just chose the ones that feel the most important) and sketched them out.

I’m obviously not done yet, as you can tell by the fact that they lack defined edges and fingers and toes and some still don’t have their faces. (not to mention Lisette only has nothing so far…) 8D

I’m also experimenting with body types. Faye is short and a bit chubby, Fauna tall and a moderate size (tall, because she’s the same height as RA and 14.) Raven Avelina is kinda average and slim, Kiera is short and a moderate size. Lisette is really short and slim. (she might not seem really short, but she’s 22 as compared to Faye’s 13 :P) It’s really hard drawing the types of bodies, though! You can really only tell their height! >:c

Sorry if the scanner sapped away most of the pencil lines.

what…are…PROPORTIONS??? DKJFADKAKLF3HQWOEIAFAETU5AENKhersfltqierhanefvihgladnkfbh

Clicking on it is probably best.

Grrrrrr…I hate drawing faces. (also, why are RA and Kiera smiling?!?!?!??!?!)

Tips are very appreciated! I know I really need to improve, and I would love your help!

Random subject change:

Have you heard Jedward’s new album, Young Love? Never thought I’d like their style of music, but their charm has captured me ❤ They get so much hate and it saddens me ;__; How can anyone be so cruel about something that brings happiness to someone else? Everyone can have their opinions, but posting hateful comments on Youtube all the time is sad :c I’ll admit I’ve been a bit rude about things Twilight but I can’t imagine being rude about them anymore! Keep on being luminous, Jedward :o) (lol, get my reference? No? Okay…)

Stop being adorable T______________T

3 thoughts on “Drawing humans

  1. I think your figures are gorgeous! ^^ I looked at them up close and HOLY COW AKJHDJKFHJHJ They are awesome!!

    I don’t know much about tipping, and I think they look great!!

    I have never heard of them, but I will look them up!! They seem really cool!

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