Well, hey

It’s been a while.

How’s summer been?

I really can’t believe a month has already flown by, and in that month I’ve done absolutely nothing. Except draw and blog.

Speaking of blogging, do any of you have a tumblr? I’ve started going on a like 24/7. Mine’s autumnii, follow me!

I really really really want to see Brave. I’ve heard it’s absolutely fantastic, and I LOVE Merida’s hair from the trailers.

I also bought the DVD for The Avengers, and it is adjlsekke;;si INCREDIBLE. It’s one of those movies that sticks in your head all day; I’m going to tennis camp (which I suck at but I’m quickly improving) and all I think about is the Avengers while I’m playing. I’m absolutely sure I just look like that clueless kid stumbling around with a glazed look, with the weird friends who are always singing or chanting (because they do). But I don’t care, because the Avengers are so much more interesting then tennis.

I leave you with Luna Lovegood:

And an old HP draft handwritten by J. K. Rowling:

Heh it amuses me that Draco Malfoy could have been Draco Spungeon xD





12 thoughts on “Well, hey

            1. Yep, I’m American- if your summer holiday is only two weeks, your other holidays are probably wayy longer than ours!

  1. Summer has been incredibly…unproductive!

    Brave was pretty good! I’m going to be honest, I was expecting PKJALDFKJALDSJFLADF and it was dkjaldkajflad but not KDJFLAJE4IHOD. Not saying it was bad though! I really loved Elinor. I think you’d like it very much, but Up is always my favorite Pixar movie! ❤

    The Avengers is really neat! I saw it 3 times! 😛 If you really liked that though, you should watch the individual Marvel movies too. I've seen Captain America: The First Avenger like 9348593859458+ times! Ugh, so many Bucky and Peggy/Steve feels. *rolls around on floor* The two Iron Man movies are my second favorites, Thor is okay, and The Incredible Hulk was awesome! (also, not really related to the Avengers, but you should watch X-Men: First Class and Fantastic Four, which are great Marvel movies as well.)

    That's a super pretty picture! :o)

  2. Nothing is going on. At all. I had to miss a day of Volleyball Camp because I felt awful today. -_- And we lost Cookeh.

    I absolutely love Pixar Animation. Did you see how Merida’s hair flowed and bounced like it should in real life? Everyone in my family wants to see Brave, should I be scared?

    That’s an amazing drawing. And it’s colored so well…


    It will cheynge yer feyt!

    Avengers OMT this is the summer of awesome movies!!!

    It’s PERFECT!!
    (dies of admiration seizure)

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