*fangirl squeal*

I got tickets to the Carnival of Madness tour for my birthday!




Yes. I’m excited. I’m such a fangirl. Deal with it.

It’s not until the end of the summer, though. I want to look forward to it, but it’s hard to with the thought that I would go back to school soon after.

Evanescence… Halestorm… same tour… wow.

As for the other 3 groups. I like Chevelle’s song “The Red” and I’ve been listening to one of their albums. And the other two… I need to research on them a bit more.

BT out from this fangirl post…..



4 thoughts on “*fangirl squeal*

  1. A concert? Wow, that’s a great present.

    I like the style of Halestorm. My friend always says ‘Why can’t we listen to Taylor Swift?’ when I play Love Bites.

    I’ve only heard of Evanescence and Halestorm. Pshh, I’m dropping my stupid book that was forced upon me and am joining you in music research.

  2. haha, I felt the same way for a Starkid concert, like I was going to burst from anticipation.

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