This Is a Post!

Hello, all! I bet you’ve been wondering where ole Panda’s been recently. The end of the term – and semester – is rapidly approaching; consequently, my class and I have been bombarded by tests that we must study for, pages and pages of textbooks to read, and homework and assignments to complete. Due to this, I have been immensely busy and have had no time to post or write stories. But, luckily, today is Sunday and most of my homework is completed! All that’s left is a few hundred poems to write and a whole astronomy assignment to finish. No biggie.

Moving on – something amusing happened yesterday! Mum rented two movies (Albert Nobbs and Hugo) for us to watch. The first movie, Albert Nobbs, had the guy who played Mr. Weasley in it, and the second, Hugo (which I loved), has the woman who played Madame Maxime from the Goblet of Fire! Haha!

Okay, not important. But do you guys remembered the story I neglected, Academy of Mysteries? Well, I’m restarting it with the name Mystery Academy! I realise that I also have my duties with my FanFiction story, but I was browsing through my drafts and couldn’t resist. Another happy notification goes out to FoxFace – I have finished Camille (finally) and she will be coming your way as soon as I have a bit of a better break in homework and I have time to scan it! Also, I was browsing my sketchbook and found that I actually did a picture of Camille before, although it was a facial drawing with an ugly nose and rough shading, so I just decided to draw something new.

Alrighty, updates are all out of the way. Now I just need to decide whether to do homework, write Mystery Academy, or write my FanFiction…

~Pandora has a jewellery brand named after her! (Unforgettable moments…)


4 thoughts on “This Is a Post!

  1. I completely understand! Ugh, school can be such a pain! But it’s worthwhile! ^^

    Oh!! That’s so exciting, your story will be brilliant! And I’m sure your drawing of Camille will be just as wonderful!!

    Wow, jewelry is the best–especially when it’s shiny!! 8D It’s a perfect namesake!

  2. I’m sorry about all that schoolwork. It sounds like a lot. T___________T

    I want to watch Hugo so bad! I never really rent movies though it looked really great!

    I will definitely be looking forward to both, and the drawing of Camille! I know everything will be top-quality.

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