Oh yes



I believe that I win. ^^

Seraphim for the win! Although I’ve noticed that all of my friends (all 5 of you, I’d appreciate your usernames guys!) are on the Pathfinders tribe. SERAPHIM FOR THE WIN.

I’m out of school now! 😀 So that means more writing! Right? Maybe. I still enjoy playing games and stuff.

I just went shopping and got the coolest shorts!


I also got a few neon shirts to go with it, and some hair ties because I can’t seem to keep mine in check…

What are you doing over the summer?



7 thoughts on “Oh yes

  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Oh my gosh, congratulations!! The closest I’ve gotten yet is fourth place ^^” Dexterity is not my thing!

    I’m a Pathfinder!! Woo-hoo! We used to have a Pathfinder car, but we had to give it away after we got the dogs.

    They are awesome!!

    I’m going off to Ringling School of Art and Design for a summer pre-college program on animation!! I am SOOO excited! How about you?

    1. I’ve found that refreshing the page once you end with your score for the event helps a lot!

      We have a passport. Nothing with wings D:

      Neon colors yay!!!

      Oooh! I hope you have fun! I’ll be bowling a lot (I’m on Varsity bowling for the girls team at my school!), and I get to take a sailing class with my friend in August for a week!!!

  2. Pathfinders! Yay! I chose them because it reminded me of exploring and the colors were like Ravenclaw, but I did briefly consider Seraphim and Nightcrawlers!

    Congrats on finishing! It took me 3 attempts and I was ready to blow steam out of my ears because my first 2 attempts were both 2nd place. Whyyy. T___T

    Neat shorts! The design is so cool @___@

    I am doing…wait for it…absolutely nothing productive!!! Hahahahahahahahhaahahhaha!

  3. I’m in WildFire. I haven’t really explored the island, because I haven’t been on the computer in a few days. My username is 4scoyote if I haven’t said that yet.

    Whoa, Those are cool shorts!

    I’ve got Volleyball Camp. It’s my last year, because next year; it’ll be Open Gym/Practice.

  4. Oh, nice!
    I haven’t been on poptropica in a while, but I’m IcyCheetah98 -friend me 😀

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