So today I went to the mall to have lunch with my friends!! The place we ate was right next to the Disney store, so while one of my friends and I waited for our other friend to get there, we checked it out!

Of course, I was enticed by all the pretty dresses…

Enticed into BUYING ONE.

A kids’ dress.

Like, for five-year-olds.

What was I thinking!?

Anyway, it actually fits! But I’ll have to do a little tweaking anyway ^^”

My other dress is going… well, it’s going. I’ve just realized I did the sleeves wrong, but it shouldn’t be that hard to fix!

It’s just frustrating to me that I decided to buy that dress!! I could have bought her Tiara and a backpack or something instead! TT_TT Bluhhh I’m an idiot. Well, if worst comes to worst, now I have a Merida patch I could cut out sew onto something else ^^”

Brave Merida Nightgown for Girls



So… pretty


4 thoughts on “MISTAKE!!.

  1. That is a nice dress, though. But it would be one of those dresses that would go above the knees on me.

    Reminds me of those days when I’d play dressup with my cousin…

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