So I decided to be productive last night and started working on that Merida dress I was supposed to make like five years ago I worked more on my Merida dress! I already had all the pieces cut out (Which was AMAZING OMT–my workspace was so… so… clutter-free!) so all I had to do was follow the instructions in the pattern.


It is soooo fun. This compared to my Rapunzel dress? SUPER fun! Not that I didn’t have fun making my Rapunzel dress, but that one was so much harder TT_TT

So here’s what I got done!! I got a little past this point, but all the work was internal (interfacing and such) so it didn’t make a visible difference:

It’s a little big, but I still have yet to sew the back up, so we can fix that!!

Anyway, read on for some tips about sewing and stuff! I’m not a professional or anything (Ahahahahaha no way!) but I have learned some things from personal experience. TT_TT

  1. If you can find a pattern, USE IT! For Merida’s dress I used this one, and so far it’s been soooo simple and clear-cut:
  2. Pay attention!! I know this may seem obvious, but I sort of semi-dozed off several times (Ehehe ^^”) and I paid the price!!
  3. Be careful with the seam ripper! If you tend to mess up a lot like I do, this little guy can be your best friend! But if you’re not careful, the seam ripper will tear up your fabric!

That’s all I have for now! Now my mom is taking me shopping TT_TT (thunder rumbles menacingly in the distance)


9 thoughts on “YAY!!!!!

    1. Aww, thanks!! They have loads of pretty ones at the Disney store and–as I found out today–I can (kind of) wear them, so I’m sure you could, too!! The Disney store’s are so sparkly ^^

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