It arrived!

But I’m giving it to my sister’s boyfriend instead!

Yep, I definitely can’t wear it. xD I had known that there was only one size, but I wasn’t sure how big it would actually be!

No biggie, though, really! I’m getting a Captain America plushie instead, but not now. ^^; I’m going shopping and to a movie (The Avengers…again, yes!) tomorrow, so I feel like spending too much really shouldn’t be on my list for now. ^^;

Isn’t it so cuddly looking? *____________*

Survey! Who’s your favorite Marvel superhero? :o) (mine is, of course, Captain America, my husband, but I also really like Raven/Mystique!)

Also, totally random, but I can make gifs now! I’m not very good at it and mine always look pretty bad, but they’re also addicting to make. :3

You can find 3 photosets I made on my Tumblr. 😛

Making gifs is so much fun!!! I really should stop,but I can’t!!!

(you’ll have to click on each one to see the animation!)

^random scenes from Sherlock/this beautiful video (*clutches chest and sobs because REICHENBACH FEELS*). I really couldn’t find a suitable thing to gif, or I’m just too lazy to search Youtube, so I took a random video I already had.

(I used this tutorial, but you’ll need Photoshop. I’m testing out a theory with Windows Movie Maker, so you can ask for the full instructions if you’re curious!)


4 thoughts on “It arrived!

  1. Sorry it doesn’t fit D: Oh well, at least there’s the plushie.
    Favorite Marvel Superhero: THOR FTW. Chris Hemsworth is awesome!
    Oh, cool gifs 😛

  2. 😯

    That is amazing!!! I’m sorry it doesn’t fit! D: But it is nice of you to give it to someone else! ^^

    That plushie!! SOOO CUTE!!

    Oh, I saw those on Tumblr!! ^^ They are sooo pretty, amazing job!!

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