Never Fear, Randy is Here!

Why Hello! I am BAACK! With these god dang finals! Hope I didnt fail! I probably failed the math one, it looked like my brain blew up while doing that final. The paper is filled with random calculations. I wonder what my Algebra teacher thinks. AND I HAVE A B IN READING I AM A DISGRACE TO THE SRI LANKAN RACE Dx But at least I am done with these! I swear in my head I am doing this:

Oh yes.

I also watched the Avengers! *drools* It was like so amazing! I went an ranted all about it on this blog:

If you would like to read more!

My favorite Avenger is Iron Man, he is like a boss. All cool and everything cx. Favorite moment*

Trehehehe. Gosh, my friends and I cracked up at that part.

Who ever watched the movie also understands when Hulk punched Thor while fighting that beast.

Man, that was funny. My friend J* sounded like a squeling pig, it was funny to hear her laugh. Oh, and “Pinkie Pie” was laughing at her laugh during the movie.

“Pinkie Pie” consumed the whole tub of popcorn, but I am eating a poptart now. I have not had those in I mean AGES!

*If your wondering who Pinkie Pie is, she is a friend of mine who now goes by that name.

When I was in elementary school I was always munching on those. AH, I get of topic too much..

Well, it was filled with Action and Humor! I am seriously thinking like RCG in changing my name to Tony Stark *o* I am just that fan obsessed. Yeah, I change my name to characters when I am fan obsessed. I really would like to read the comics now but I cannot find them anywhere! ..



I got to loan a clarinet on the summer! You may think that is strange but I play the large bass clarinet and the clarinet is so cute compared to it! So I came home and played it but…It wouldnt get the high notes! So I was like “WHYY?” I dont want to bother my bad teacher cause she said she got me a top of the line clarinet but I dont know what to do now! And I have clarinet lessons in freaking JULY! I cannot wait that long! I am so disappointed now.. Dx I just will have to see what I am doing wrong..See I am so used to setting this instrument probably taller than me! So it is pretty frustrating to me!!

I hope I didn’t fail my finals…..

Gah! Tumblr is way to addicting!

I was browsing through Amazon and I found the best thing ever..

*le dies* I must get these NOW. Cause I have Direction Infection ^^.
Also, my dad said I can go to the 1D concert next year but bad thing is..I can only bring one friend! I am really worried, who can I bring? All my friends (J*, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy) will be mad if I didnt take them! So I looking for my biggest 1D fan! Oh joy.

Oh, I have a short notice too.

I shall be off to Sri Lanka June 14th-July 15th so pretty please dont delete me? I would appreciate that!

Rainfall, you have the best gravater ever.

Now, that I am back I must type up these two stories .-. Too much pressure. I just made a account and I have some plans for that.

I must be off commenting on people’s blogs!

Hasta Luego! (I forgot what that means..)


3 thoughts on “Never Fear, Randy is Here!

  1. You’re Baaacckkkk!

    You didn’t fail your exams.

    I haven’t had a Poptart in forever… I want a blueberry one now.

    Am I the only one who isn’t in love with One Direction? I don’t even know who they are…

    Have fun in Sri Lanka!

    I have to Favorite you in the Authors section. Thanks for Favoring me as an Author.

    1. Thank you *bows8
      (: Thanks!
      *electronically sends you a chocolate one* Those are the ones I have.
      SEARCH EM’ ON YOUTUBE! They are good..
      Why thank you!
      Course’! Thank you!

  2. I bet you did great!

    Oh no! You’re not a disgrace at all, and please don’t ever think that! A B isn’t bad! :o)

    Tony is so adorable. I loved him in Iron Man especially, but he was great in the Avengers too!

    STEVE!!! MINE! *grabs Steve and refuses to let go* Personally, he’s my favorite! Loki comes in second. I almost bought a Captain America plushie before I reverted to a hoodie instead ^^;

    Tony is so snarky! I love that about him.

    Assuming Nireth likes Thor (I believe so, at least from one of her posts), I like Steve, you like Tony, and Batcat likes Clint/Tony, we just need a Bruce fangirl! We can be the Avengers Fangirls of WTR! 8D

    Don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll learn very easily. The deep notes were super tough for me, but eventually I was able pull through– with your experience as a bass clarinet player, you’ll do better than me!

    Haha, that’s a neat bracelet! ^^

    And thank you! 🙂 I hope the touch of Loki at the bottom of my images wasn’t overkill! 😛

    Have fun in Sri Lanka, and of course we won’t delete you!

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