A lot of things to worry about this month:

  1. My 14th birthday is on Friday! Can’t wait for that! But I have no clue what I want…
  2. Oh my goodness gracidelias, middle school graduation! In September, I’ll be a freakin freshman. o.o
  3. Most of you guys are enjoying summer vacay, but me? I’m studying for finals. *groans*
  4. And my last day’s not until June 2o-something.
  5. I can’t wait till the Avengers comes out on DVD. I love the movie! (although it just released last month)
  6. BRAVE!!! 😀
  7. More studying for finals…
  8. Gotta finish my three-part special on another blog!
  9. Tons and tons of weekend parties (graduation things, birthday things, etc…)

Phew. June will be a busy month for me.

Ah well. BT out. I gotta study for a bunch of finals.


5 thoughts on “A lot of things to worry about this month:

  1. HIPY PAPY BTHUTHDTH THUTHDA BTHUTHDY! I hope you have a great one!!

    It’s so strange thinking about time and how it passes! When Catching Fire comes out, I’ll be a freshman! T______________T

    Good luck on finals! On the bright side, you get to start school later then the people who are already out! ^^

    Brave! Yes! Honestly, Merida is the exact kind of character from Disney I love– the warrior type that defies her family (yada yada, add in about 50 more comparisons to Mulan)

    Your studying will definitely pay off!

    Have fun at the parties! :o)

  2. Happy Early Birthday!

    I know, Time flies. I can’t believe I’ll be in 8th grade this fall.

    But while you’re enjoying the last of your summer vacation, I’ll be in school.

    The Avengers was amazing! It had great effects. [Loki’s helmet is cool, just sayin’]

    I really wanna see Brave. Just get all my friends and go the premiere.

    Good luck with Finals!

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