Reawakening of the long thought vanished, dreaded monster Rainfall

Hi guys!

I’d like to say that I’ve been busy and have a good excuse but I’m not sure I can.

Because…SUMMER!!! (and Tumblr and Poptropica)

Finally there’s weather for exploring and wading in the creek (if we just had some more rain!) and all that good stuff!

Oh, but wait for the real kicker– I got banned from going to the forest alone!!!

Because of, apparently, snakes and kidnappers!

Now, I’m pretty sure the most dangerous thing I’ve seen there is a baby fawn that ran away as soon as I accidentally made a loud noise, but oh well. I have two neighborhood friends that love going to go to the creek/forest with me!

Wait, what’s that?? THEY’RE GOING TO CHINA FOR A MONTH???



I was playing Cryptids today…

NOOOOOOOO! What are you doing?! T_________________________T You insolent fool!

Just kidding! I really don’t know what she’d do with a million bucks of virtual money, anyway. ^^;

Okay, I’m off to fangirl on Tumblr and daydream about my 50,000 OTPs. This gif describes so many feelings!

Nooo! My poor baby! ;___;

(By the way: Do you think changing my name to Mrs. Steve Rogers would be a bit of overkill? XD)


4 thoughts on “Reawakening of the long thought vanished, dreaded monster Rainfall

  1. Snakes, I understand, but would people really creep through the forest?

    I dunno, buy a virtual house with a hot tub?

    Yes! Join Team Captian America. (Or Tream Seneca Crane’s Beard. We have T-shirts.)

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