Formula For Procrastination Antidote

Can you guess it? Because it’s a pretty weird antidote. I’m lucky I discovered it, though, because I got quite a bit of work done. Anyway, the formula is… tiny pencil + the Graham Norton Show + cuddling with your Harry Potter Box Set! Cool, huh? (On an unrelated note, my beautiful 8-film 10-disc HP Box Set arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m so happy!) Anyway, I got the basic sketch and some outlining done on Foxface’s character Camille. Before I show you the bad picture I took of it, I need to tell you that due to the fact that I haven’t seen anything written about Camille for a while, it might not have come out like she wanted. However, I DID manage to remember that she has a crescent moon hairclip!

Ignore the bits of rubber.

Yep, there she is, dressed in warm clothes to celebrate the upcoming arrival of winter (that is, for the Southern Hemisphere and I)! I have recently changed my style of nose-drawing, as you may see. In the background I have drawn a warm house for some unknown reason – actually, I drew it because I was doodling and then I suddenly wanted a background, simple as it may be. I hope you like it so far, Foxface. And now to end this post with random screenshots of my weekly timetable! Yay!


And the school day ends at 2:45. That’s all for now.

Oh, wait! No, the World Champs are not over, and yes, I am wasting valuable time by telling you this.

A bientôt!


5 thoughts on “Formula For Procrastination Antidote

  1. Oh my Thor, it’s so pretty!! ^^ I love the new nose style; for some reason, it strikes me as kind of Celtic (which is awesome)!!

    Whoaaa, you have the best school schedule EVER!!! ^^

  2. Oh my Rowling I LOVE GRAHAM NORTON! ^^ He’s hilarious!! My favorite episode remains the one where Catherine Tate and David Tennant were on it and they interviewed that one couple that called each other fluffy bunny and such…:D

    Great formula, though!

    Your picture of Camille is so pretty! *___* Le ohmgosh!

    I like your schedule! :o) It looks fun!

    I hope you had fun at the World Champs!

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