Nireth of Normandy!

Okay, so I am your friend on Poptropica (I don’t know if you are mine) and lately I’ve been seeing your name change from undefined undefined, to FirstName LastName, to Poptropican. Sooo, if it’s you doing that, please tell me how you do it! PRETTYPLEAAASE.

By the way I like your costume. :3


2 thoughts on “Question!

  1. O: ((Wakes up suddenly from long hybernation))
    Hi! 😀

    You are also my friend on Poptropica, and I love your costume! ^^

    I’m not doing the name thing on purpose, though! D: I created the account a while back by messing around with the website–Just pressing the back buttons a lot, I can’t even remember what I did!– and my name was undefined undefined. Sometimes when I am spoken to by other characters or I’m in a group room, it’s Red Lizard! My other account that was also “undefined undefined” switches to Red Lizard, too. I honestly don’t know what to tell you, I’m sorry! D:

    I’m sure you can figure it out though! ^^

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