OH GOSH I fell asleep again TT_TT

Sorry, guys! I keep zoning out on you!

I have exams next week, so I’ll probably be pretty busy! But after that: SUMMER YEAAAH!!!!


Any other dining utensils are unacceptable.


The Disney Store is literally the best place.

BUT OH MY GOODNESS. The Merida dress–the one they have for little kids–it has A DRAGON on the skirt.


I’m going to create a shrink ray and shrink myself down so I can wear it. I swear to Thor I will!!!!!!

Oh my Thor. ((Quivers with excitement)) (Get it, quivers? Hehehe…)

Also, I’m definitely going to go broke (even more so). THANKS DISNEY.

So, random question: What do you guys think your animaguses (Animagi?) would be? I’m sure you’ve answered this a hundred times, but still!

My sister thinks that we shouldn’t see Brave because I’m going to get obsessed with it.

Also help I’m in love with Hiccup like for real OMT

Wait what!?

ARGH I HAVE TO STUDY!! I’m sorry for my absence! ^^”

But I am going to try to make a Merida Dress or some other kind of costume over the summer! It’s going to be fun!! (Hopefully ^^”)

OHOHOH AND ALSO (I think I have used that word FAR too much in this post ^^”):

To those of you who are my friends on Poptropica: Would you mind if I drew us all in, like, a group shot or something? Because you all look soooo cooooool! 8)


9 thoughts on “OH GOSH I fell asleep again TT_TT

  1. Good luck on your exams! Please survive! (I didn’t on the middle school level ones, and those are easier, I presume — this is my ghost!)

    Summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer summer SUMER (oops not the ancient civilizatioN!) *flails*

    The Disney Store was one of my favorite places to go to! I still have a Disney princess towel from there!

    The dress and utensil set are very pretty! ^^ I wish you luck on the shrink ray!

    it’s okay I think I am infinitely in love with the DOCTOR YES hahahahHAHHhahaHhhahahHHAHAHAHAHa

    That would be so cool! :o) If you don’t mind, could you draw my old costume, with all the yellow? ^^; At the moment I keep alternating between Kida and Mulan and Hecate!

    1. O: Thanks!! Actually, exams don’t really change that much! I maybe in trouble, though, because I didn’t really like our History book this year ^^” It wasn’t even a history book, really–AND THERE WERE NO VIKINGS!!! >:OOOOOO

      Sumer in the summertime, YES!!!!

      Oh my gosh, that must be the best towel in the world! ^^

      Thanks!! I’m going to need it!

      (Fictional character love high-five!!!!!) Yes, this is the only way it can be!!

      O: I will!!

      OMT I knew you were Kida!! 😀 I saw it and was like, 8OOOOO You are assuredly the best Poptropica cosplayer EVER!!!

      1. ._. There, there’s no v-vikings? Nor dr-dragons?! ._.
        It would be weird if classes in summertime. yeah ._.
        And i think that maybe a nice towel.
        😀 And the utensils loo cool ;_; I don’t have money. ;_; i only get money for important reasons ;_; Bye.

        1. No, there weren’t! (Mournful sigh)

          Summertime scholastic stuff sounds annoying! But summer PE is pretty fun!

          I don’t have money, either!! TT_TT It’s sooo unfair! Disney, stop being so cool!

  2. Oooh! That Disney set looks super cool!

    Can we shrink everyone on the blog so we can fit in the pretty dresses?

    Brave looks like a great movie! Good luck on your exams!

    My Poptropican is a Shadowhunter from the Victorian times!

    I think my animagus would be a tiger… Or some large cat!

    1. I knooooooooow!!! Disney, why do you have to make everything so awesome!?

      O: Yes please!! And then we could be an awesome kick-butt team of mini princess/prince people!!

      I am sooo excited! But it comes out the day after I go off to camp for a month!! TT_TT I’m going to have to sneak out and go see it!!

      Whoa, that is sooo cooool!! ^^ No wonder she looks so awesome!

      That would be the best animagus EVER!! Hehe, it would totally suit you! ^^

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