G F# B E D G C B E A D

…And those would be the notes you need to play Welcome to the Black Parade (the first part) on the piano! That’s what I taught myself to do on Friday. I think it was a day well spent! I also got new headphones on Saturday!


Quite snazzy, eh? I just finished building my model of my energy efficient house out of Legos, for a science project AND finished making cookies. I think today went pretty well!

The cookies are for the choir banquet that I get to go to on Tuesday! Before that though, I have to help out for a middle school track meet. Good thing they don’t throw as far!

So, I haven’t been writing, and when I do, I want to know what you guys want to see! 8 of Spades, Green is Deadly (The buggy one you have yet to see the first chapter for… Heh…), or just a new story entirely! I really want to try a dorm setting sometime in the summer…

For those who want my Poptropican username, it’s daytail1 !

And for the record, this cheered me up immensely today.

And yes that is my tumblr for those who have one!

Have a wonderful rest of the school year!


4 thoughts on “G F# B E D G C B E A D

  1. I freak out when I see actual notes. I screamed ‘Two of them have the same name!’

    I have some just like that in purple. They have good sound quality.

    Yay! I missed your stories.

    This is gonna sound stupid, but What is Tumblr exactly?

  2. The notes say “bed” and “bead”!! Oh my Thor!! ^^ I’m supposed to know stuff about notes for voice lessons, but I don’t TT_TT

    Whoa, those headphones are fancy!!

    I hope your banquet went well!!

    I LOOOOVE all of your stories! Anything would be fine with me! ^^

    Oh, tumblr! ^^”

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