SGA Speeches!

Hey everyone! I never told you but I am campaigning for SGA Secretary c: I hope I win and CRUSH I mean..kindly beat the 6th grader!

Would you like to read my speech? I just wrote it and the grammer probably sucks since I didn’t even read it..But I am making changes. Oh, the blank is classified info c; Crictizm, Polish and Praise would be greatly appreciated!~

Hello fellow __ students! I am ____ ___ and I am running for SGA Secretary! I have the responsibilities of communicating with the faculty with the faculty through prepared notes, take notes at all SGA meetings, submit building permits and prepare Thank You notes.

I am in the 7th grade and Mrs.___ homeroom. I am a sociable, outgoing and kind person. I enjoy any type of reading like the Hunger Games and Percy Jackson, hanging out with friends, playing volleyball and watching Glee. I am in the NJHS, an honors student, get straight A’s and in the __ Honor’s Band playing the bass clarinet.

I believe that I should become the Secretary for various reasons.

I have neat handwriting and write thorough note, trying to cover every important detail. I would be very attentative at the meeting think up new and innovative ideas. I would be very serious and dedicated in my position.

Teamwork. It is an important element in any group from sports teams to math counts, without it there would only be chaos and confusion. I would do anything in my power to keep the SGA a strong standing group. I would obey the President and attend most SGA meetings. I am a person who likes to speak my mind, I won’t be sitting in the corner hoping that no one will pay attention to me. I am an outgoing person and can make friends with mostly everyone.

I am not one to be reckless or clueless in anything. Varying from due dates and what is going on around me. I would be committed to the job and not slacking off or missing an SGA meeting just because I wanted extra sleep!

I appreciate all votes and remember it is you who decides the fate of the __ SGA! Your vote shall always count! Don’t for get, vote __ __ for SGA Secretary!

How was it c:

It took me..20 minutes!


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