Valiant Ventures #1 – The Captain

Greetings, my fellow audience. I am an eccentric, fashionable Poptropican by the name of Silver Dolphin. In Poptropica, my favourite leisure activities include exploring the world for costumes, visiting the beautiful future via Time Tangled Island, watching movies in the TV store of Reality TV Island, flying above the buildings of Super Power Island, riding into space on Astro Knights Island, and, let’s not forget, exploring the whole world of Poptropica. I am an explorer, exploring is what I do, and exploring is what I am doing at the moment. Though I must say, it has been quite a long adventure – 39 days, to be exact.

The adventure started when I decided to stop by at Skulduggery Island. A merchant gave me his tattered old boat, and with it I have bought three boats and a cargo man. I also have a forgetful cabin boy and a jumpy cook, who loves the use of seasalt with his fish. My current boat is named the Sea Sultan. I bought it just yesterday, after many excruciating days in which I had to skilfully buy and sell four products; grain, rice, silk and medecine.

Here you can see me (in my dashing captain costume) buying the ship in Dragon Cove. Hello, Sea Sultan!

This is my crew and I enjoying the luxuriousness of our new boat. I am extremely proud of its size and space, and I can’t wait until I have obtained a million doubloons. Only then will I be able to defeat Captain Crawfish onnce and for all!

Signing out, Silver Dolphin.


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