So sorry for triple posting!!! But I just got a huge Eureka moment!!!

I was looking at a state congressional district map (nerdy moments of Rainfall) when I noticed that I was born in District 5 before moving to District 7. Coincidinkally, those two are my favorite districts. I consider myself a dual citizen of District 5 and 7 in the HUnger Games universe.

Holy shukers!

Well I might be wrong. You might notice that there’s a teeny tiny portion of Williamson inside District 5. I think that’s where I live, seeing as my address city is Nashville and my county is Williamson…(not to mention the neighborhood right next to mine is considered Davidson county. Awkward.)

But no matter! It still means I go to school in District 7! Hahahahahhahahahaha!

Might I suggest finding the congressional district map for your state? What district do you guys live in? We can be Panem buddies! (or you don’t have to tell me. I guess that’s kinda stalker-ish!)


2 thoughts on “LIGHTBULB!!!

  1. I’ve always lived in District 5. (I’m not saying the state. Don’t wanna get too personal here.)

    Scenario: 7th grade State Constitution Studies;

    Teacher: Out of our state’s judicial districts, we live in District 5.

    Class: *Starts referencing to the Hunger Games*

    Me: *Raises Hand* If we live in District 5, Which one of us is FoxFace?

  2. O: Whoaaaaa! It was meant to be! :’)

    What if you just psychically knew this even before you looked at the picture, so that’s why you feel so attached to these districts?!

    I’d live underwater–OMT. Does this mean I’m a mermaid!?

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