“It’s a double rainbow all the way across the screen!” -FoxFace

What does this mean? It’s so bright and so vivid! Double rainbow, double rainbow! So intense!

Anyway, I had such a miserable morning! I had a violin concert I had to go to but then we got lost and I wandered into a nearby Walgreen’s and asked to use their phone and the lady at the counter got kinda annoyed and then well I ditched the concert. OH WELL. That doesn’t matter much because I get to go see StarKid live tomorrow night!

The only problem is my dad doesn’t want to take me all the way to downtown Nashville so I kinda have no ride. Oh well– I’ll reason with him, he can’t just have me throw away the 60 dollars I paid!

I really dislike highways and downtown. I can’t understand how people live in big cities like New York City. The thought of looming skyscrapers over me makes me feel trapped. The fact that a large radio tower in a lone clearing intimidates me makes me wonder how I would feel with large, actual towers! I can’t remember the last time I actually went to downtown Nashville, to be honest– it must’ve been ages ago!


Do you guys live in,

a. a city

b. the suburbs

c. the country

d. another planet!

I live in the suburbs– I’d really do anything to live in a large, hilly, and grassy area where the nearest person besides me is 3 miles away. Then again, that would be a little inconvenient, wouldn’t it?

Or maybe in the Appalachian mountains! I’m already in the same state! They are gorgeous. Can you just imagine waking up to birds with the fog rolling in and the cool air whooshing about?

When I grow up, I’m going to live somewhere with a view of the Norwegian mountains. I’ve wanted to live in Norway since I was around 7 or so! It was always either that or a cottage in the forest.

If I said the Appalachians were gorgeous, these are even prettier. This is in Oldenvatnet!

Forgive me for rambling. What is your dream place to live?


3 thoughts on ““It’s a double rainbow all the way across the screen!” -FoxFace

  1. I live in the Country. My neighbors aren’t directly in my backyard, but they aren’t several miles away.

    Those mountains are gorgeous. Living there would be amazing.

  2. DOOUBLE RAINBOOW. That is really awesome!
    Whats Starkid?
    I like in the suburbs!
    Ooh, the mountains are so pretty. It would be heaven on Earth to live there.

  3. O: It’s a sign!!!! Everything you ever wanted is about to become yours! ^^

    I’m sorry your morning was so miserable! ): But having a miserable morning might mean that all your misfortune for the day is over! ^^

    ^^ Option D!!!

    😯 Oh my gosh!! So beautiful! :’)

    I’ve always wanted to live in Norway, too! Norway or Ireland are my top picks!! We should get a castle and live there with Rapuznel, Flynn, Astrid, Hiccup, and all of our friends and whoever else we wanted!! ^^

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