These Troubling Titles

I want your advice! I’m trying to finish Skulduggery Island, and I have dressed in a captain costume for the occasion, but once I have finished the island I want to go back to an old costume. And I can’t choose which.

The first one is a winter costume:

Which contains:

-Curly hair thing, stolen from a friend
-Satchel bag from a common room
-Mystery Train posh lady scarf
-S.O.S Island beanie
-Rock Star 2 lips
-Jumper + red scarf; a rare find from a common room
-Black pants from a common room

Or I can go back to my French-themed clothes!

Which includes:

-Blue French hat thing from a common room
-Brown top from a French lady on Mystery Train Island
-Light blue pants from one of the robot costumes in the store
-Satchel bag
-Hair from a vampire costume
-Lips from one of the Mystery Train ladies


3 thoughts on “These Troubling Titles

  1. They are both very nice costumes! If I had to choose one, it would definitely be the winter one– I really love the hat and jumper! I have an freakishly weird attachment to cream colored sweaters! (Because of a certain obsession with a certain army doctor named John Watson? No, are you crazy?)

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