The Strange Case of a Over-vast Mind

I started getting into this band called Halestorm, and they rock. 😛

You know me, I like to rock a bit. That explains why my game avatar looks like she’s just been dragged out of a rock show.

Well… also…

I just realized that most of my stories have been pretty dark. Recently, I did a story about a murder mystery. And the other day, I looked into my old books back to those days before I became a blogger. And there’s a bunch of stuff.

There’s my first attempt at a Greek mythology-related story (unfinished) … a diary book I actually finished (back in 2010)… Elaysi’s Chosen (remember that?), another Greek  mythology-related story that is unfinished… a paranormal Romeo and Juliet story (unfinished) … a dramatic story me and one of my real-life friends made up about this immigrant (abandoned story) ….an unfinished scary story about a messed-up spa… a mystery story that I quickly got bored with… and a story about a poltergeist ringleader and then  its unfinished sequel.

Wow. I  have a bunch of stuff on there. Especially a whole lot of unfinished/abandoned stories. Know what it’s like to have bunch of story ideas going at you during a time of brainstorming?

Also, there are a bunch of made up songs, including “Who I Am”, the song I made up long before “The Unwanted One”, yet became another abandoned story.

I feel bad. I had all those stories. Also, I remember this story about this troubled orphan girl who died after this very mean person shattered the sole picture of her and her parents… and then she becomes a ghost to seek vengeance against the very mean girl. (Wait… doesn’t that sound kinda familiar?) But I deleted it… maybe I’ll go back to it since my “evil ghost obsession” has returned?

As for “Only Fair”, I keep on becoming scared that I’ll abandon it too, cause it’s for the writing challenge. But… I have so many ideas in my mind as well as a series to manage… so much…


You can say I have a vast imagination… after all… I have this other quote…

“Even though things cannot happen in real life, there is one place where anything is possible: your imagination.”

I worry sometimes that I’m too caught in making too many story ideas that I end up leaving behind old ideas.


3 thoughts on “The Strange Case of a Over-vast Mind

  1. Halestorm? They have a pretty good Bad Romance cover.
    (Which I can’t find in my YouTube favorites right now.)

    Yay for Greek Mythology stories! I’d love to read it.

  2. I’ve never heard of Halestorm before now! They sound very nice, though.

    You have a lot of story ideas! 😮 I think it’s a good thing! As for abandoning them, don’t feel bad about that– I find that they always make their way back eventually!

    Imagination is the bestestestestestestestest thing ever.

  3. Ohh!! I think I’ve seen them on my Amazon recommendations–their songs are awesome! ^^

    I agree with Rainfall, lots of story ideas are a good thing! ^^ Even though you may have to abandon some of them, you an always come back to them later when you have writer’s block or something!!

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