The Reason for Seasons

Author’s Note: I be changing to a boarding school since I adore Nicolas idea so much and I do too many high school stories! And if anyone forgot their characters they will be at the end. Enjoy c:

Everyone at one point is a bland color, boring. But over time we develop a streak on our bland colorless body that makes us different from everyone else. Unique. Special. Though some people are more unique than others and that streak shining brighter. Shining. Unstoppable.


January hummed softly and lifted her pencil to admire her handy work. Perfect. Just a shade darker. Her mind was focused soley on her drawing.

The wind sent her dark hair flowing and it left a light splash of goosebumps on her arm. Her red lips were pursed in concentrain. She wasn’t in the mood to return to her dorm with her new breezy roommate May. Since, she was new around Parker High Boarding School, she was placed in a room with her since in the beginning of the she never received a roommate.

As January went to dark a line a hard basketball came flying at her head. Her sketchbook, pencil and bookbag.

“Ouch!” January screeched.

“Whoah! Sorry January!” The red head shouted.

January rolled her eyes and glared. Right in front of her was Mac. He had a few additions to his plain black pants, white button up shirt and a forest green jacket which was ripped up in places. He was also wearing some necklaces, bracelets, hat and had a piercing. Though, January had tried to deny it but she liked him. She had told her two good friends July and November.

“Its nothing big. I am fine.” January replied coldly.

“You sure? You seem to have a bump on your head.” Mac said calmly.

“I said I am fine.” January said with a scowl.

“Well, alright. Anyways, while your here would you like to play a game of basketball. My friends seemed to have ditched me.” Mac said.

“Sure! Let me change!” January exclaimed and Mac went to do the same.


Two kids snuck around the corner their feet crunching on the leaves. They groaned, no noise would have been better.

“So to the Headmistresse’s office?” A voice whispered. The other figure with dark hair nodded and cracked a grin.

Together, they picked the lock open and clambered in the office. There was a table with papers neatly stacked on it, there were a few awards and paintings on the wall.

The two kids threw the papers everywhere and one figure took out a few rolls of toilet paper while the other had some paint.

They covered the whole room with toilet paper and flung paint everywhere giving it a splatter paint effect. Which did compliment due to its dark and dreary appearance.

The two kids snickered and ran out the door locking the door behind them, they couldn’t wait to see her angry expression. Since, it was Friday they could find somewhere to take cover so they could escape her wrath.

“Nice job Decemeber! This is going to be great! Well, I gotta go back to the dorms! See ya later!” The girl exclaimed cheerfully.

The other boy nodded with a big smile plastered on his face. He had to go feed his fish and damm. Finish that essay. He better get started with it figuring that it was due this Tuesday. He rambled on with while everyone in his class had finished it last Friday. He sighed. He just wanted to hang around with his friends, ah there would be time for that. Maybe, just after he pranked his roommate February who was overly obsessed with his appearance…


January tied her black hair in a ponytail and slipped on a pair of black shorts and green snowboarding shirt. She was extremely competitive during Gym class which caused her classmates to get very cross at her.

Dad, she hated him. She was glad her mother invested all this time in letting her go to this school. Her dad was awful, he came home drunk as a doorknob and would sometimes hurt her and her mom. January stuck up for her most of the time which lead her anger to explode at a given moment and her powers to be given away too. Now, her father was in jail and her mother was living happily in her own apartment. She was glad to know her mother was living happily.

“Hey! What are you getting ready for?” May chirped. January scowled sometimes it was so annoying how her roommate always was too bubbly it annoyed her sometime but she guessed she would have to deal with it. She wasn’t as cheerful but she was quite nice towards people. Not all, like Mac.

“None of your buisness May.” January said with a sigh.

“Whhyyyy?” She begged.

“Fine, I am just going to go play basketball! Bye!” January said and ran out. She just needed to get away. She planned on dropping bye to say hi to July and November but they were nowwhere to be seen in their rooms. November’s room was a mess littered with different posters, a red bed sheet, homework and an IPod with headphones. July’s side of the room was considerably neater with a small shelf of books and a table scattered with homework. Ah, maybe tomorrow.

January returned and took a seat on the bench. The wind cause some leaves to fly right by her. Her face set on a stern expression, why couldn’t winter just begin already? The crystal snowflakes, cool breath, warm fires, fluffy jackets and snowballs. Her cheeks were becoming a rosy red color. A squirrel clambered up a tree in search of nuts for the heavy winter. Janaury shivered maybe it would have been a better idea to wear a jacket but whatever the cold didn’t bother her that much. She was a winter baby. Her thoughts traced back to the months, she didn’t know how to lead anyone. To anyone she was the follower not the girl who started things. She was more the quiet side, sometimes she wished she was like May. Bubbly and energetic. But she was perfectly content with who she was. She looked up at the clouds, though they looked a little gray. It would be a shame to ruin this fine fall day.

“Boo!” Mac screamed in January’s ear. She screeched and let out a little scowl. Mac smirked at her pathetic reaction.

“Mac! What the heck!” She asked.

“Eh, let’s play!” He exclaimed and dribbled the basketball.

After, an hour they had finished their game. Though, Mac was a great basketball player, January showed up to have great basketball skills and beat him by 4 points. She felt very accomplished by this, she was by nature a sporty person and it made her feel good to show up Mac in something.

“Ha! Sounds like you stink!” January said with a giggle.

“You cheated!” Mac said with a smirk.

“What ever. Oh my gosh! Its past our curfew! I really must be off!” January squeaked.

She ran off quickly the wind flying in her face, sweat dripping due to playing an intense game of basketball. She remebered her mother and her played basketball all the time when her dad was not around. Ah, those carefree times put a bright smile. Since, she was so caught up in a sea of emotions naturally she wouldn’t see where she was going. She crashed into a girl caked with black makeup, black clothes and white skin. It was getting dark and January thought she had seen some sort of monster. She let out a cry and ran off into a wall.

“Hey. Are you alright?” The girl said solemnly.

She sighed. The ditzy girl crashed into the wall and fainted. She supposed it was her responsibility to bring her back. Hm, but she did enjoy scaring people but the usual result was them dropping all their stuff on the ground and screaming like a tiny child. Quite amusing.

“I know I know Phoebe. I shall.” The girl whispered and carried January.

There you have it chapter 1. Here are the character reminders. Haha. Cause this was done in..March xD.

November- SC/Foxface
May and October- ST
July and June- Rainfall

The rest be mine c: Finally. This chapter is DONE.

Well, I got sent to the office today for walking too much at lunch. All I got was a lecture and pass to class. That really pissed me off since I wasted my life for that! -.- This is going bother me the whole week, at least I can express myself with the piano. But we watched a great movie in science and I started volleyball yay!


4 thoughts on “The Reason for Seasons

  1. That was a great introduction! I really look forward to more! The way you portrayed Each character was fun to read.

    I’m sorry about the principal thing! Don’t bother yourself with it, it’s not worth your time! C:

  2. I loved this chapter! I regret not making a character – or did I make one? Hm, I’m not too sure of anything these days…

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