The Dragon and His Butterfly

Chapter 2, You Gotta Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer 

I’ve got my hands in my pockets
,Kickin these rocks.
Its kinda hard to watch this life go by
.I’m buyin into skeptics,
Skeptics mess with, the confidence in my eyes

“Hm, I am going to call you..” Dragon stated.

“Yes, Captain Dragon?” Belladonna asked confused.

“Butterfly!” He exclaimed.

“What! Why?” She asked.

“Well, your stupid like one.” He huffed.

“HEY! Your mean!” She exclaimed.

“Hm, whatever.” He scoffed.

“So any duties you want me to do?” She asked.

“Could you move those boxes?” He asked and gestured to some boxes. He gestured to at least the other side of the ship. This ought to keep her busy and out of his way! Those were pretty heavy boxes, so he did not expect a shrimp like her to even let alone lift one of those. This was going to be fun, watching her embarrass herself.

He went to find other things to attend to.

Belladonna’s eyes widened, no way could she lift those things! Did her purposely give her this impossible task?

The other pirates stared at her, they never had a girl on board. But it was nice for a change to see something young and pretty on the ship. They smiled but they saw her staring at the boxes.

Belladonna stared at all the guys lifting the boxes like it was a feather. She sighed, how was she going to do it!

But you gotta keep your head up, oh,
And you can let your hair down, eh
you gotta keep your head up, oh,
And you can let your hair down, eh.

Belladonn focused and picked up the box. Oh dear, it was probably heavier than her! Her eyes bulged out but she held on the box like it was her life.

“Excuse me where should I put this?” She asked.

“Oh over there. Wow, your pretty strong to lift that thing.” A pirate said and punched her shoulder.

Belladonna turned a little red.

“Oh thanks! It’s just determination!” She said confidentially!

“Hellloo! Captain!” Belladonna screamed.

Dragon turned around and saw a flustered Belladonna. She looked sweaty and out of breath. He smirked. She probably couldn’t do it and was now begging for his forgiveness. This was going to be good. He let out a smirk.

“What is it Butterfly?” He asked.

“I am done! I helped the other pirates with the boxes and is there anything else you would like me to do Captain?” She asked. Belladonna felt quite proud of herself for actually accomplishing something. She felt very happy! But at the same time she felt awful. She felt sick and wanted to lie down and curl up into a ball.

“Ah. Well, just go clean up the deck I suppose. I didn’t really have anything else planned for you to do.” He said.

Belladonna felt a little offended because that probably meant that he was calling her weak and incapable of doing anything.

“Yes! Of course!” She exclaimed and ran off.

Instead, of going to the deck, she ran to her room and sat in the corner and curled about into a little ball. She felt sick and downright awful.

She took out her notebook and started to draw. She felt herself calming down a bit but she still felt sick. She was probably sea sick but she was too embarrassed to tell Captain Dragon. She had to show that she was fearless and take things head on ad face her fears! But at this rate she could let alone kill a fly.

Belladonna looked at her drawing and realized she had drawn her old horse. It made her feel very nostalgic for land.

“What are you doing in this corner Butterfly? Get up and stand straight!” Dragon exclaimed.

Butterfly tried to stand but she wobbled over a bit. She turned a shade of pink.

“I….good.” She mumbled.

“Oh! You land lubber’ must have sea sickness! Let me bring you over to Andre!” He exclaimed. He grabbed Belladonna’s hand and kept her steady. He realized she was very small, petite and fragile. He was shocked. He was going to make sure she was safe. She was to small and breakable to become a real pirate. Someone, in the end might stab her. And it was his job to keep him safe. Dragon never felt this close to any women besides his mom. His mom reminded of him of her. His mother was small and petite but she was strong willed and very brave. Maybe, Belladonna was like her. He didnt want to underestimate her!

“Well, here you are to the kitchen. Relax for a while.” He said.

“Thanks Dragon.” She said smiling brightly. Her smile warmed him but he pretended to have no expression what so ever.

An average sized kid with fluffy dirty blond hair and dark hazel eyes. He had tanned skin and a bright shining smile plastered on his face.

“Oh hello there! You must be Belladonna! Ah! Here!” Andre exclaimed cheerfully and handed her a a drink. Belladonna stared at her curiously and drank it. Her face lit up into a smile.

“Whoah thank you! Your Andre right? Thank you! I feel a lot better now!” Belladonna exclaimed happily.

Belladonna and Andre chatted for a while about their lives, how he was a cook and he taught her how to cook a few things.

“DINNER!” Andre screamed and rang a bell.

All the pirates took a seat at the large table. Belladonna took a seat next to Andre and Dragon came and sat next to Belladonna.

Andre set down rice, fish, salted beef,  peas and a salad. He put down some beer and water

“Well, eat up everyone!” Andre exclaimed cheerfully.

Belladonna carefully watched everyone, they seemed to be taking large portions of meat. Belladonna thought for a while. She couldn’t eat and meat because she was a vegetarian. Maybe, no one would notice that. She took a small portion of  rice, peas and salad.

Belladonna quietly chewed while everyone loudly talked and cheered, drinking beer.

“Hey? Why are you eating so little! We need ta fatten yer’ up!” A pirate called. Belladonna flushed. Dragon glared, he found it strange for other men to make her blush.

“I am a vegetarian.” She said softly.

“Oh.” Dragon said and laughed at her. How strange.

“Yea.” She said softly.

It was almost time for bed and Belladonna put on a long shirt of Dragon’s and put her hair in a loose bun.

“Well, Butterfly how was your first day!” He asked smirking.

Belladonna carefully left her knapsack on the side of the bed.

“Fine fine. I think I shall make a great pirate! What do you think?” She exclaimed and took out a book.

“No!” He said and snorted. Belladonna jumped on top of the bed.

I know it’s hard, know its hard,
To remember sometimes,
But you gotta keep your head up, oh,
And you can let your hair down, eh.

“I AM BUTTERFLY I SHALL THE BE THE STRONGEST GIRL TO SAIL THE SEVEN SEAS!” She screamed and with that began to fall.

“AHH! CATCH ME DAMIEN!” She blurted

Dragon caught her but then dropped her face first with a shocked expression plastered on his face. How did she know his name? And was that Little Women. That was his mother’s favorite book!

“Ouch! Dragon!” She exclaimed.

“How..did you know my name? And this that Little Women?” He asked. She flushed.

“Oh I just blurted that out. And yes! This book is so amazing! Well, from now on I am going to be calling you Damien! Haha!” She said dreamily.

“Augh. And how strange my mother adored that book also.” He said. Belladonna’s eyes became wider as she struggled to stay away. Her head was on his lap.

“Uh huhh. That is great. It is quite an amazing book…” She said sleepily.

“Go to sleep Belladonna! Your falling asleep on me!” He said with a laugh.

“Alright.” She said and clambered into the bed.

She fell asleep in a few minutes. He watched her fall asleep, she looked liked an angel.

He got into the bed and fell asleep facing away from her but in the end she had her head on his chest and his arms were wrapped around her slim waist. You would think they were a perfect married couple.

3 thoughts on “The Dragon and His Butterfly

  1. Ooh! Pretty divider!!!

    Heehee, random distraction! ^^

    *breaks into song* Do what you want ’cause a pirate is free! You are a pirate! Yar har fiddle-dee-dee! Being a pirate is all right to be!

    I’ll stop– but first, it’s fun to read about pirates! Keep on writing, you’re on a roll! You’ve published more in a week than I can in a year! ^^;

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