The Brain-Killing Algebraic Trigonometrical Geological Cybernetic Robotic French Nanometrical Metric-Systemical Equation

Pandora: Alison, can you help me with this homework question I have? It’s so confusing and I have no idea how to work it out! It’s algebra! In Mir, we didn’t focus on that silly piggledy-wiggedly maths stuff. We were trained in combat, agility, logic, weapons… *gazes dreamily up at the ceiling*

Alison: Did you say L.G. bra? What is that supposed to be?

Pandora: No, I said al- oh right, you’ve never seen a school in your life. Well, it doesn’t matter. Your Earth schools are always teaching you random stuff that you’ll never even need in your life,

Alison: Actually, the people of Earth are always using maths and fitness in our everyday life. Along with English, of course, and maybe some other languages if we go overseas. If we wish to pursue a musical career, music classes will be very helpful, as will actor hopefuls with drama classes-

Pandora: *narrows eyes* How do you know all this?

Alison: Well, it’s true that I have never seen past first grade, but I was still taught things in preschool and Grade One. In Grade One we learned the basics of the subjects someone would learn later in school.

Pandora: Oh. Right. LAURENCE!

Laurence: Yes, Pandora? *sighs*

Pandora: Look, algebra! Help!

Laurence: *looks at Pandora’s homework* Nine times F times H cubed plus B divided by three. Well, I suppose I could help. I learned a bit of algebra when I was eleven.

Pandora: Why are there letters? *wails*

Laurence: They represent unknown values.

Pandora: So does that mean… F is female, H is hunger and B is boredom?

Laurence: Uh n-no, not exac-

Pandora: I HAVE THE ANSWER! *laughs maniacally*

Laurence: *smiles weakly as Pandora draws something*

Pandora: *shows Laurence her supposed answer* I am so smart! I would totally own everyday Earth life!

Laurence: Actually, the answer’s just 3FH³+B…

Well, you have to give Pandora credit… female times hunger plus boredom does equal that… Stay tuned for more random episodes with my many different characters!

Oh, that gives me an idea! *runs off humming*


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