I have a few notices for people who made characters! Please read! (:

  • Sunnflora (Super Thunder) – Sorry, there are no cheerleaders at the academy. (:
  • Harry (Nireth) – I hope it’s okay if your character can also warp his hearing, if that makes sense. For example, he’s staying in Esme’s room, and he can hear her talking, but he can also direct half of his hearing towards his own room so that he can hear if someone is snooping around there.
  • Rosemary (Randy Dandy) – Please tell me what you mean by “messing around with the fabrics of time”! Do you mean she can warp time?

I will take this down soon.


2 thoughts on “Notice!

  1. In a sense, both. They can both freeze and freeze other things, that’s how she makes her sculptures.

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